Christopher Nolan Plans To Put His Oppenheimer Award To a Very Specific Use and It’s Comedic Genius

Christopher Nolan's dispayed his interesting sense of humour thanks to his unique plans for using an award

Christopher Nolan Plans To Put His Oppenheimer Award To a Very Specific Use and It’s Comedic Genius


  • Christopher Nolan is one of the biggest director in Hollywood thanks to his impresisve catalog of movies
  • Christopher Nolan's infleunce in the industry is second to none because of the way he set the standard for so many genres
  • Christopher Nolan's wicked sense of humour was on full display after his amusing plans to use an award
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Christopher Nolan has made a name for himself as one of the greatest directors in the history of Hollywood, thanks to his incredible array of movies that have defined generations of movie buffs all over the world.


What people don’t actually know about Christopher Nolan is the fact that he has an insanely good sense of humor. After all, fans always look forward to any interview he is a part of for that very reason, for any film.

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Main character with photo
Memento (2000)

Christopher Nolan’s Films Continue To Inspire Many Thanks To Their Diversity

Christopher Nolan made quite an impact with 2000’s Memento, which immediately brought him to the dance thanks to its unique plot and direction. He would then follow it up with his most successful film series of all time – the Batman trilogy. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises have all helped cement him as one of the greatest directors of all time, especially The Dark Knight.

Christopher Nolan didn’t rest on his laurels, as he kept on pumping classics such as The Prestige, Inception and Interstellar – all three incredible classics that have pushed boundaries and set the standard in their respective genres.

That said, Nolan might have saved the best for his last, at least for the time being, with this year’s Oppenheimer. After all, it earned almost $1 billion this year and made people proclaim Nolan’s genius once again.


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Batman flexing in this scene
The Dark Knight (2008)

Christopher Nolan Had An Interesting Idea about How He Would Use His Oppenheimer Award

Christopher Nolan made one of the best films in his career so far with Oppenheimer, which starred the ever-talented and chilling Cillian Murphy. Therefore, it comes as no surprise he has already won awards for his film and is a big favorite to win at The Oscars next year.

Christopher Nolan guiding
Christopher Nolan on the set of Oppenheimer (2023)

While speaking to Ross Andersen of The Atlantic, Christopher Nolan talked about quite a few topics, largely about Oppenheimer. Nolan had won an award from the Federation for American Scientists, which is an organization that counts Robert Oppenheimer. During the conversation, Nolan joked that he planned on using the award for self-defence when needed.


The award was sitting on an end table next to Nolan, who was dressed in brown slacks, a gray vest, and a navy suit jacket—his Anglo-formality undimmed by decades spent living in Los Angeles. “It’s heavy, and glass, and good for self-defense,” he said of the award, while filling his teacup.”

Christopher Nolan is not one to simply bask in the glory or gloat about his success, even if he has every right to. With the Oscars approaching next year, perhaps fans might finally see him bag the Oscar for Best Director and Best Picture – both of which have eluded them in his career so far.

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