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Veteran Showrunner Chuck Lorre of Two and a Half Men Fame, Who Was Called a “miserable f**king d***bag” by Charlie Sheen, Donates $30 Million for a New School

Veteran Showrunner Chuck Lorre of Two and a Half Men Fame, Who Was Called a “miserable f**king d***bag” by Charlie Sheen, Donates $30 Million for a New School

Chuck Lorre, renowned showrunner of hit TV series Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, is donating $30 million to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in hopes of building a new school. The fund is allocated to help underserved people who aspire to work in the community.

Chuck Lorre 1
Chuck Lorre

Lorre has long been affiliated with the Cedars-Sinai institution, having collaborated with them in the past and serving the community in hopes of achieving long-term advancement results in the field of healthcare.

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Producer Chuck Lorre Opens Opportunities For Aspiring Healthcare Workers

As a long-time donor of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Lorre said that working with them again was not a difficult choice to make (via THR):

Choosing to collaborate with Cedars-Sinai, one of healthcare’s most respected institutions, was not a tough call for me. When the opportunity presented itself to provide training and certificates for underserved individuals in our community, which in some instances would double their salaries, I was all in. Partnering with Cedars-Sinai to create the school of allied health will allow us to see long-term impacts in our communities.”

The planned Chuck Lorre School of Allied Health is set to open its doors in 2024. It will provide training courses in six healthcare areas, particularly in the subjects of pharmacy technician training, therapy, MRI technology, clinical laboratory science, radiologic technology, and echo/cardio technology.

Chuck Lorre 2
Chuck Lorre

After completing the courses designed to accomplish between six months to 2 years, students will have the opportunity to work at Cedars-Sinai. They will also receive certifications as proof of their hard work and dedication.

Arthur J. Ochoa, JD, Senior VIP Advancement and Chief Advancement Officer at Cedars-Sinai, extended his gratitude toward Lorre’s initiative:

We are honored that Chuck Lorre and his foundation have chosen to continually invest in Cedars-Sinai’s flourishing programs and initiatives. The foundation’s forward thinking will help develop future generations of Cedars-Sinai caliber professionals.”

The Chuck Lorre Family Foundation has been donating to the Cedars-Sinai institution since 2014, to address the disparities in terms of wages that greatly affect those who are from underserved communities.

Other program headed by Lorre’s foundation includes the Youth Employment and Development program for Fairfax High School students wishing to pursue a career in healthcare.

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Charlie Sheen Cursed Chuck Lorre On Air Over Expulsion From CBS Show

Chuck Lorre served as the producer of the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, which fans would remember as the show that also popularized Charlie Sheen. In recent years, both have been in serious conflict.

Two and a Half Men
Two and a Half Men

Sheen was expelled from Lorre’s show in 2011, and the actor proved his bitterness over it when he spoke on the radio and spew out vicious words about the producer. He said on air at Kyle and Jackie O of KIIS 106.5 via CinemaBlend:

He’s the most miserable f**king d***bag, the most talentless f**king sack of sh** of f**king stupid this side of La Brea… Dude, when you’re done touching it, suck it!

The actor has become a nuisance on the set which forced Lorre and the studio to fire him. Amid Sheen’s problematic life and career, Lorre is thriving with many successful TV projects and now, a life-changing advocacy that would help make a change in the world.

Source: THR, CinemaBlend

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