Cinematic Universes That We Never Knew We Needed

Latest update of Spawn's Reboot
Latest update of Spawn's Reboot
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Cinematic Universe a term that is hot right now when movies are discussed. A term that is around every corner when Marvel, DC, and every other new property is mentioned. There’s no denying that Marvel/Disney’s MCU is the most successful cinematic universe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for competition. From novels, video games, comic books, movies, cartoons. There’s an abundance of properties that could deliver successfully entertaining movies to millions of people. Check out this list on Cinematic Universes That We Never Knew We Needed!


Cereal Mascot Universe (Kellogg’s and General Mills)
tony the tiger cereal universe

A movie universe centered around mascots of famous cereal brands is obnoxious as it sounds there’s no doubt about that, but it has its place within the family films subgenre. A Tony the Tiger theatrical released movie where he helps a group of outcasts children win their first sports tournament. Even an animated Trix movie that shows the tedious lifestyle of Tricks never getting his freakin’ cereal! I think there’s enough material to have something creative and hilarious from these mascots. Lastly, a cereal monster squad movie featuring Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry on Halloween is a win for us all.


Image Comics
Image Universe

Image has the most potential to be a successful franchise on the big screen with enough content to have longevity. Fans, casual viewers, and critics are taking notice of the hit new animated series Invincible on Amazon Prime. Sooner or later Invincible will become a live-action movie. If that wasn’t enough to persuade people, Image has characters such as Spawn. A former CIA assassin that was backstabbed, murdered, and banished to hell to become a Hellspawn. Next is Scud The Disposable Assasin. In the future humans can order assassin droids from vending machines for $3.00. Once the droid kills its target it’ll self-destruct. Scud, realizes he’ll die too if he kills his target. So instead of killing his target, Jeff, Scud fatally injures Jeff. Scud turns to the life of a freelance assassin in order to pay off Jeff’s medical bills. Check out this link for more wild characters.

M&M’s Movies


M&M’s candies have brought nothing but joy and laughter to millions across the globe. Always getting themselves in comical hijinks with the likes of Santa Claus and Hollywood stars in every commercial. The writers of Over the Hedge would make a fantastic addition to an M&M’s movie.

The Warriors: NY Gang World

The Warriors is a 1979 cult classic movie where the audience is introduced to a New York City riddled with eccentrically dressed gangs. Each gang having its own style, personality, and choice of weapons. In the movie all the gangs of NYC are gathered by Cyrus, Warlord of the largest gang – Gramercy Riffs. As Cyrus is in the middle of his speech he’s assassinated. The Warriors, a small gang from Coney Island is falsely accused of the deed. With that being said, the rest of the gangs don’t want to hear it, and they’re coming for blood. The Warriors desperately try to escape and make it back to their faraway home for safety as the entire city is after them. This is a movie with tons of personality. This movie has gangs that wear outrageous face paint, dress like mad-baseball players, rollerskating gangs, all-female gangsters that lure men to their deaths, a gang called The Orphans that dress like Chucky, and much more.


This would be such an entertaining universe to explore more in-depth. From the east coast all the way to the west coast. There are over 20,000 gangs in the world of The Warriors! Can you count suckas?!

Nintendo Universe
nintendo brawl

Video game movies have been on a decline since their initial start in 1993’s Super Mario Bros., but there is hope with the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie. Along with highly praised success in the 2020s Sonic the Hedgehog. Fans want to see a redo of the beloved Italian plumber. Maybe, this time the entire Mario movie can be CGI with some practical effects. After all the main Nintendo characters get their own movies the fans can be treated to a Super Smash Bros. movie that features a Pokemon crossover.


Hellgate: London
hellgate london knights

Let’s cut to the chase on this one… If you love sci-fi/fantasy/action/horror mixed with exoskeleton-knights slaying demons then this is for you! A decent PC game and incredible novel series. Watch the six minutes cinematic trailer for the PC game. Once people check the trailer out and read the novels it’s a wrap. Hellgate: London for 2022 on HboMax directed by Len Wiseman (Underworld franchise), and have Kevin Grevioux write/co-write the script.

Codename: Kids Next Door – Spy Kids 2.0
codename knd


Call it nostalgia or whatever. Kids Next Door always appeared to be a fun premise for a movie franchise. A Spy Kids 2.0 some may say. This was a hit show on CartoonNetwork about a bunch of 10-year-olds that would fight evil adults that wanted to stop kids from being kids. Along with teenagers and the infamous Delightful Children From Down the Lane . KND was packed with such cool gadgets, weapons, and transportation made from everyday regular utensils. There were KND headquarters across the globe, including the moon! Every child had a special kid set with interesting storylines. As fun/wild as this show was it didn’t hold back on serious subject matter like growing up. Understanding the difficulties of divorce, puberty, love, bullying, and friendship. A great cartoon that could be the next big family film/action-spy film franchise.

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