Invincible: Strongest Villains Yet To Appear In The Show, Ranked

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Now that the Invincible series has hit Amazon Prime, it is time to take a look at the villains that might be appearing next. The animated series is full of blood and gore. But wait till you see these juggernauts take a swing at the show’s titular superhero. It’s going to be bloody spectacular!!



Powerplex once used to be a good guy. His story is vert tragic. Powerplex’s sister was working as an office assistant when Omni-Man and Invincible ripped through her building. The collision made the entire floor collapse, killing Powerplex’s sister. The guy then turned into a vengeful super-villain obsessed with taking down Mark Grayson. Stealing technology from the Pentagon, he developed a suit that could manipulate energy. He was so hell-bent on taking down Mark that he even used his wife and son as bait to draw him out. His plan backfired when the energy from his suit accidentally killed his family.


D.A Sinclair

D.A. Sinclair studies in the same school as Mark Grayson and Atom Eve. He is also a genius in many scientific disciplines. Sinclair would use his intelligence to create cyborgs out of people called the Reanimen. Many of the Reanimen were equipped with technology that would give even Invincible a run for his money. Post capture, Sinclair agreed to work for the government. Using the corpses of alternate reality Mark Graysons, he created an army of indestructible Reanimen for global defense.

Machine Head


Machine Head looks not that intimidating at first. But you should never judge a book by its cover. Since the guy is part machine, he has an almost superhuman mind capable of making incredibly complex calculations in a split second. Machine Head rules the L.A branch of the Order. he uses his cunning to keep the superheroes at bay. When Invincible and Titan came knocking, Machine Head had already anticipated it and created a team of super-villain bodyguards as a contingency. The only reason he was captured was because one of his bodyguards betrayed him.


Rus Linvingston leads a party of astronauts on a mission to Mars. There they discover two races – the Martians and the Sequids. For centuries, the Martians had enslaved the Sequids, a race that had grown accustomed to oppression. Once free of their Martian captors, wrath, the Sequids had rebelled, deciding the universe must be held responsible for the injustice their species had suffered. The Sequids are a fanatical race that pose a serious threat to not just Earth but the entire universe.


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Angstrom Levy

Angstrom Levy is one terrifying looking dude. his intentions are even scarier. Levy has figured out the universe is part of a colossal plane of existence called the Multiverse. There are several other parallel realities, containing countless versions of all people. Levy wants to move freely across all these worlds. And to do so, he requires the memories of his parallel reality versions transferred to him. Levy creates a machine to do just the same but Invincible intervenes midway. The process stops abruptly, the machine explodes and leaves Angstrom Levy horribly disfigured. For the villain, killing Mark Grayson is a personal matter now.



Dinosaurus is much like the Hulk. The only difference is that the Image Comics’ villain is actually capable of logical conversations during a fight. Dinosaurus is driven by the ideals he holds dear at the time. If he believes that a city should be totally razed so that rebuilding it could stimulate the economy, he would do it. When he thought Las Vegas is a cancer to society, he detonated a bomb to turn the city into glass. He is one of the few characters who is brutal as well as powerful enough to stand toe to toe with a Viltrumite.



Anissa is a member of the Viltrumite race. That is the same race Mark Grayson aka Invincible and Nolan Grayson aka Omni-Man hails from. Anissa firmly believes in the Viltrumite Empire’s ideologies. She would go to any extent to convince the others to agree to her terms. When Mark refused to join forces with her, she fought him, pinned him down, and then went on to sexually assault him. Mark was so mentally devastated by that experience that it wrecked his social life to a huge extent for a long time.

Battle Beast

Battle Beast is a name that puts fear into the hearts of the leaders of the strongest empires in the Galaxy. Even the Viltrumites think twice before crossing paths with him. Battle Beast lives for the fight. He jumps from one world to another looking for opponents worthy enough to trade fists with. Battle Beast has the power to go toe to toe against Thragg, the mightiest Viltrumite warrior in existence. After a short stint of working for Machine Head. Battle Beast switches sides. he helps Invincible in fending off the Viltrumites during the Viltrumite War.



Conquest is the Viltrumite Empire’s personal enforcer. He has led the charge to take over countless other worlds for his people. after The Invincible War ended, Mark Grayson faced the wrath of Conquest. Conquest also happens to be the handyman of Thragg, Grand Regent of The Viltrumite Empire. His incredible levels of power were still not enough to beat Mark Grayson in his physical prime. Conquest returns for a rematch where he is defeated and killed by Invincible. His most notable accomplishments were the murder of Atom Eve, Mark’s wife.

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Planet Viltrum is home to the might Viltrumite race. The members of this race possess godlike strength and speed. They rightfully consider themselves the universe’s most superior race. The Viltrumites are led by a 1000 year old warrior named Thragg. Thragg was involved in the Viltrumite Civil War. he is the strongest Viltrumite to ever exist, even more powerful than Omni-Man. After being finally defeated by Nolan Grasyon and exiled to a corner of the galaxy, Thragg now travels worlds. His objective is to create a race of half-viltrumite offspring that will help him reclaim the throne.


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