Cobra Kai Star Mary Mouser Wasn’t Happy With One Crucial Original Scene, Forced Creators to Change it For Better Characterization

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With the release of Cobra Kai Season 5, fans are already looking forward to the next season. Season 5 of the series was released on September 9 on Netflix. Mary Mouser, who plays Samantha LaRusso, has been with the show since its first season. After appearing in five seasons of the show, the actress revealed a scene she did not feel comfortable doing. She also talked about what makers told her when she shared her opinion with them. 

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Mary Mouser plays Samantha LaRusso in Cobra Kai
Mary Mouser plays Samantha LaRusso in Cobra Kai

In her recent interview, Mouser shared her acting experience and preferences in selecting a role. Mary Mouser says that Samantha is in a relatively good place in season 5. She also talks about Samantha’s relationship with other characters in the series. 


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Samatha LaRusso Has Find Peace with Herself

Samantha LaRusso is the daughter of Daniel. In Cobra Kai, she is following the footsteps of the protagonist of the show. Mary Mouser has portrayed the character very well over the five seasons. She had represented Samantha’s struggles through her share of pressure. 

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Miguel and Samantha

By the end of season five, Samantha finds herself in a relatively good place. She has made peace with her rival Tory. Her relationship with Miguel is also going well. The growth in the character has resulted in a nice change of pace for Mouser as well. Samantha has been seen struggling throughout the show, whether it’s in Dojo or in her personal life. 

Mary Mouser Had a Big Issue With This Scene in Cobra Kai

In her recent interview with Collider, the actress talked about a scene she had a big issue with. Upon being asked about her journey from being a child actor to growing up while filming a show and sharing her creative input for the show. 


Mary Mouser shared a scene from the season one finale. The actress talked about the scene between Samantha and Miguel in the final episode of season one. She shared what the original scene was supposed to be and how she changed it. 

Mary Mouser as Samatha LaRusso
Mary Mouser as Samatha LaRusso

She says the scene in the final episode where Miguel says to Samantha, ‘Just watch what I do to Robby?’ was originally a different scene. Mouser said according to the original scene, Sam just came into tears and told Miguel, “I forgive you.” 


Mary Mouser said that she has a big issue with the idea of forgiveness happening that quickly. Once she shared her concern with makers, they said, “Yeah, well, come to us with what you think.” 

Mouser then discussed the scene with Xolo Maridueña and made changes accordingly. When they showed it to the team, they asked, “Are you happy with this?” And they were able to have to change the scene to bring more sense to it.


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Mary Mouser shared that it is not what she would have done, and that’s why she asked to change the scene. Writers also considered the issue and changed the scene according to their preferences.

The actors and the creatives of the show have ended up giving the best so far with the show. The level of communication and understanding between the actors and creatives have played an important role in its success. 

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Cobra Kai

After the release of Cobra Kai Season 5, fans are waiting for Netflix to renew the show for next season. Netflix has not announced anything related to the next season yet. But the creators of the show have earlier said that they have big plans for the characters and are not planning to end the show anytime soon. So fans are sure it would not take long for Netflix to announce the next season. 

Cobra Kai Season 5 is streaming on Netflix. 


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