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“COD was never safe from that”: Fans Expose Flaws in Warzone, Blame It For Ruining $31 Billion Worth Call of Duty Franchise

Fans Expose Flaws in Warzone, Blame It For Ruining $31 Billion Worth Call of Duty Franchise

Call of Duty: Warzone was released on March 10th back in 2020 and has seen tremendous success in the first-person shooter genre with a large number of players playing every day and with the regular updates and additional content, the game became an overwhelming success, however, the game hasn’t attracted everyone as it was hoped as some players have shown their frustration with the game on social media blaming that Warzone has ruined the multiplayer experience of the Call of Duty franchise.

call of duty warzone
Call of Duty Warzone on Steam

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Call of Duty Players Have Blamed Warzone for Ruining Multiplayer

A renowned Call of Duty X (formerly Twitter) account going by the username, ModernWarzone asked their community if they think Warzone has ruined the multiplayer side of Call of Duty. The post saw large numbers of players saying yes and stating why they believe so.

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Users said that it was evident from the beginning with the prestige system being scrapped. Another user said that the developers prioritized the FTP game instead of the paid version due to microtransactions and neglected multiplayer in the due process.

Many users also argued that it wasn’t just Warzone, but competitive gaming and battle royale games in general ruined it with the arrival of more multiplayer games. Another user said that it’s been along time since there’s been a decline in arena shooters and Call of Duty was never safe from that. He explained that players nowadays look for rewards, they do not want to rack up numbers on the scoreboard anymore.

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These responses from so many users evidently state that there’s a Call of Duty community not so happy with the multiplayer in Warzone and the developers deciding to integrate different sides of COD and scrapping the features resulted in killing of both the sides.

Not Everyone Thinks Warzone Is the Culprit

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

As expected, not everyone was blaming Warzone as a few users stated that it’s the developers fault going for strict SBMM and removing the prestige system that saw the downfall of multiplayer. Users also said that they should straight up divide the studios and take different sides of Call of Duty and focus on them and try not to ruin it anymore.

Warzone has seen some distinguished collaborations with renowned brands such as The Boys and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider however it still hasn’t managed to captivate a large amount of its player base.

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Anyways, it is clear that there is a big chunk of Call of Duty players who want multiplayer and Warzone to be two different things and with the release of Modern Warfare 3 coming close, players can only hope what state multiplayer will be in but it is likely that the game will have at least have some kind of integration with Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone
Call of Duty Warzone

What are your thoughts about the fall of multiplayer? Do you think Warzone and multiplayer should be two different entities or are you okay with it?

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