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‘Coin-flip between The Whale and The Batman’: Fans Convinced either Brendan Fraser in the Whale or the Batman’s Colin Farrell Will Win the BAFTA Best Makeup & Hair Award

'Coin-flip between The Whale and The Batman': Fans Convinced either Brendan Fraser in the Whale or the Batman’s Colin Farrell Will Win the BAFTA Best Makeup & Hair Award

After the Golden Globes ceremony on January 10 and the Critics Choice Awards ceremony on January 17, the BAFTA Awards are to be held on February 20, 2023. And people are already excited about the award shows which only take place once a year.

Especially people are excited about the British Academy of Films and Television Arts (BAFTA), a world-leading independent arts charity nominee for Best Makeup & Hair, and from the list, The Whale where Brendan Fraser made his return after so many years, and Colin Farrell’s Penguin from The Batman, have high chances of winning.


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It Is either The Whale or The Batman

In the movie The Whale, Brendan Fraser plays the role of an obese English teacher who tries to reconnect and restore his relationship with his teenage daughter. For Fraser to play the role of the teacher, he had to wear a 300 pounds suit that was filled with dirt, beans, and marbles, as it was impossible to put on enough weight for the role. Fraser later revealed that he was forced to wear this suit as he had to be transformed into a 600 pounds person.

Brandan Fraser in The Whale
Brandan Fraser in The Whale

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On the other hand, it was Colin Ferrall’s transformation into the Penguin that steals the whole show in The Batman. The makeup and the prosthetics that they used for Ferrall to transform him into the Penguin nearly took 4 hours to complete on the first try. Though Ferrall says that “It was one of the most fun gig I’ve had”, it won’t change the fact that the process was very time-consuming and tough for both the actors and the artists. It took a team of 8 or 9 artists to do his makeup, hair, and teeth to prepare him for his role as Penguin.

Now the fans are divided about whether the BAFTA Award for Best Makeup & Hair should go to Brendan Fraser for his role in The Whale or to Colin Ferrall’s Penguin in The Batman. Both of them played their character very well and both of them are worthy of being the winner.

Awards for The Batman and The Whale

Matt Reeves’s The Batman has won many awards after its release in 2022. It has also been named the best comic-book adaptation superhero movie of 2022, with its 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and amazing cinematography. It won the ACCEC award under Favorite Movie and also Favorite Movie Actor on the same night. Later in the Saturn Awards the movie also won Best Film Direction and Best Film Costume awards.

Colin Farrell as the Penguin
Colin Farrell as the Penguin

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The Whale also won many awards, the Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay award in the BFCC Award show, the Capri Actor Award, the Best Actor and Best Makeup and Hair Styling award in CACF Awards. Recently in the Critics Choice Awards, the movie won the Best Actor award and the Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama award at the Golden Globes among many other.

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