“Come here baby”: Entire Hollywood Was Uncomfortable After Cameron Diaz Was Forcibly Kissed Despite Her Protesting Continuously

"Come here baby": Entire Hollywood Was Uncomfortable After Cameron Diaz Was Forcibly Kissed Despite Her Protesting Continuously
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When the #MeToo movement commenced some 17 years ago, it revolutionized the entire globe, especially industries like Hollywood that are inherently marred by corrupt and malicious men. As a result, the wave of justice borne by the movement brought to light the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry. But women didn’t have any such safety nets to fall back on in the ’90s. Maybe if they did, perhaps then things would’ve panned out differently for Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz

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1995 MTV Awards – A Horrifying Evening for Cameron Diaz

The 4th annual MTV Movie Awards, a big night for Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and the worst for Cameron Diaz. When the Charlie’s Angels star went on stage to present one of the most popular accolades of the show, the famous ‘Best Kiss’ award, nobody could’ve anticipated the series of events that took place thereafter.


While she was on stage, Chris Isaak, the singer/songwriter who accompanied her to present the award Dumb and Dumber stars, forced her to lock lips with him then and there. Diaz, 50, repeatedly tried to back away from him but Isaak, 67, remained undeterred as he continued his advances toward the actress, rendering her unspeakably uncomfortable.

MTV Movie Awards
Cameron Diaz and Chris Isaak during 1995’s MTV Movie Awards

“Come here baby,” the guitarist and occasional actor said when Diaz tried to pull away from his hold on her waist. The latter somehow managed to introduce the award and even squeezed in a taunt or two toward Isaak, hoping it would hint him to maintain his distance. Unfortunately enough, it didn’t.

After grabbing her wrist, when Diaz tried to lean away from him, Isaak stepped right in front of her, forcing her to kiss him despite her clearly not wanting to. And as if that wasn’t appalling enough, he had the nerve to say “I knew you’d come around” after he was done forcing his mouth on hers. All this while, the distress was clear as day on her face and it seemed as if a blanket of discomfort had befallen even the audience.


Enter Jim Carrey, the actor who swooped in to save the day.

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Jim Carrey – the Knight in Shining Armor

The Knight and Day star had joined forces with Carrey, 61, on 1994’s The Mask, a film that was also responsible for blossoming their professional relations into a beautiful friendship. So, when the iconic comedian, who incidentally won the ‘Best Kiss’ award that night along with his Dumb and Dumber co-star Lauren Holly, avenged Diaz’s honor when he went onstage to accept it.

MTV Movie Awards
Lauren Holly, Jim Carrey, and Cameron Diaz during the award night

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Giving Isaak a taste of his own, squalid medicine, Carrey went on to emulate the events of the evening when the former assaulted Diaz on stage. The Truman Show star seemingly kissed the ‘Blue Hotel’ singer, and although the footage doesn’t clearly show that, a chagrined Isaak was seen wiping his mouth after Carrey glided off the stage.

What an ultimate power move.


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