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‘Comics fans would lose their sh*t’: Internet Explodes as James Gunn Allegedly Introducing Henry Cavill Superman’s Son Jon Kent in ‘Superman: Legacy’ – May Bring Cavill Back in Future

'Comics fans would lose their sh*t': Internet Explodes as James Gunn Allegedly Introducing Henry Cavill Superman's Son Jon Kent in 'Superman: Legacy' - May Bring Cavill Back in Future

With the confirmation of a Superman movie in development for the first chapter of DCU, fans have been theorizing about James Gunn’s upcoming depiction of Kal-EL. And the speculation which has left comic book fans astounded is the rumor of Superman’s son’s arrival in the new DCU.

Considering James Gunn is shifting himself away from the traditional approach to a cinematic universe, fans are assured that Gunn might be the one to bring Jon Kent into the live-action universe. And following that, some fans believe that the upcoming movie will revolve around Clark Kent’s son Jon Kent.

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DC boss James Gunn
DC boss James Gunn

James Gunn allegedly bringing Jon Kent in Superman: Legacy

With the revelation of James Gunn’s initial plan for his envisioned DCU, fans are trying to connect every possible dot and predict the upcoming future of this brand-new DC universe. And following the speculations surrounding the DCU, many have come to believe that James Gunn is bringing Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s biological son Jon Kent in Superman: Legacy because of the following factors.

One factor which implies the above possibility is the title itself, Superman: Legacy, as many believe that the Legacy factor will revolve around Clark Kent’s young son Jon Kent. And with James Gunn confirming that this will not be an origin story of Superman, fans believe that Superboy will get a chance to shine in the new DCU.

Another important factor that teases this possibility is the upcoming movie The Brave and the Bold, which will follow a seasoned Batman with his adolescent son Damien Wayne. And according to comics, Damien Wayne and Jon Kent are best buddies and so it makes sense that the upcoming DC universe may revolve around the descendants of the World’s finest.

Superman's son Jon Kent
Superman’s son Jon Kent

And considering that DCU will have an experienced Superman, fans are also expecting to witness Henry Cavill return in the role of Kal-El alongside a wise and experienced Bruce Wayne.

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Fans are left flabbergasted after witnessing the rumor of Jon Kent arriving in DCU

With the speculation garnering heat, fans have been going crazy and are excited to see the new DCU unfold and witness Batman’s son bond with Superman’s son. And considering the inclusion of Supergirl in the first chapter of DCU, fans are expecting that Superman will already be in its prime stage and the upcoming movie will revolve around Jon Kent, who will be trying to live up to his father’s legacy.

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James Gunn likely to bring Jon Kent in the new Superman: Legacy
James Gunn likely to bring Jon Kent in the new Superman: Legacy

At the present, The Suicide Squad director has been pretty vague about his upcoming depiction of Superman and the speculations about Jon Kent’s arrival in the upcoming movie might be a little far-fetched. But considering James Gunn and his eccentric approach to crafting a cohesive narrative for the DCU, it might not be far from the truth.

Superman: Legacy will hit theatres on 11 July 2025.

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