Conor McGregor’s Rumored Road House Salary: Even Dwayne Johnson Didn’t Earn As Much In His First Major Project

Conor McGregor earned more for Road House remake than what Dwayne Johnson earned for his first starring role.

conor mcgregor's rumored road house salary: even dwayne johnson didn't earn as much in his first major project


  • Conor McGregor, the popular UFC fighter, is all set to make his acting debut opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House.
  • Starring in his first ever role, McGregor claimed he is now the highest paid debut actor in a now deleted tweet.
  • While it is not confirmed, if his claims are true his salary may be more than Dwayne Johnson's record breaking $5.5 million salary.
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Dwayne Johnson has had numerous records to his name. From his chart-topping performance at the box office to his incredible boxing career, it seems nothing is impossible for the $800 million worth celebrity. Previously holding the Guinness World Record for being the highest-paid actor in his first starring role in The Mummy Returns, it now seems the actor’s record has been broken by none other than Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

After reportedly declining numerous roles and offers, the UFC Champion will be making his acting debut starring opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House, a remake of the 80’s original classic.

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Conor McGregor Reportedly Breaks Dwayne Johnson’s Guinness World Record

Jake Gyllenhaal faces off against Conor McGregor in Road House remake
Jake Gyllenhaal faces off against Conor McGregor in Road House remake

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Conor McGregor, the winning UFC champion, will be making his acting debut later this year in March. Starring in the anticipated yet controversial remake of the 80s classic, Road House, the Irish mixed martial arts fighter will be starring in an undisclosed role.

As soon as the trailer premiered, fans exclaimed their excitement over the news and could not wait to see the fighter in his first acting role opposite the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal in the Doug Liman starrer movie. Apart from making his acting debut, the actor claimed in a now-deleted tweet posted last year that he is the highest-paid first-time actor now (via MMA Mania),


“I am now officially the highest paid first time actor of all time, on record, pipping Dwayne Johnson for the top spot. Incredible! Was I worth it? Did the production company make a sound investment?”

In another now-deleted tweet, the boxer-turned-actor again claimed his alleged new record (via Essentially Sport,

“I’m the highest paid first time actor of all time. Add that to the rest of my accolades.”

While his exact salary is unknown, if his claims of becoming the highest first-time actor are true, McGregor would have been paid more than Dwayne Johnson’s first-time salary of $5.5 million.

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Dwayne Johnson Was Paid $5.5 Million For His Starring Role

Dwayne Johnson In The Mummy Returns
Dwayne Johnson In The Mummy Returns

Dwayne Johnson is a former wrestler, producer, actor, and entrepreneur, as well as a now a TKO Board Member, which contributes significantly to his net worth of $800 million (via Celebrity Net Worth). One of the most successful actors of all time, Johnson is Hollywood’s highest-paid actor who also recently earned a whopping $50 million, the highest salary for any actor for a single role (via The Direct).

But that is not the only record he holds when it comes to being paid in the acting business. If McGregor’s claims are not true, The Rock would still hold the Guinness World Record for earning the highest salary for a first-time actor in his starring role.

He reportedly got paid a whopping $5.5 million for the film The Mummy Returns and was also signed up for its reported prequel The Scorpion King (via The Things / Entertainment Weekly). Starring in his first major role as lead without being tested, he set up the world record in 2002 (via Guinness World Records).


Looking at his past and present record, it would be safe to say that despite his failures in the last few years, Dwayne Johnson is and may remain one of the most popular and chart-topping personalities in Hollywood. And if it is any actor who deserves such a whopping salary, it is certainly no one other than The Rock.

Road House will premiere on Amazon Prime on March 21, while The Mummy Returns can be streamed on Hulu.


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