Content Warning is Steam’s Next Big Hit Following Palworld and Helldivers 2’s Success

Going viral over the internet was never so easy.

Content Warning is Steam's Next Big Hit Following Palworld and Helldivers 2's Success


  • Content Warning is an upcoming co-op game where players will try to go viral over the in-game network.
  • It features SpookTube, the in-game version of the real-life social media network YouTube.
  • Creator of Content Warning, Landfall Studio, recently dropped the trailer for the game showcasing spooky things.
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Now that Helldivers 2 and Palworld are already becoming this year’s gaming phenomenon, they’ve got a spooky rival just out of the shadows. Landfall Studio’s new game Content Warning certainly has something that may help the players go viral—maybe not in real life, but definitely in the game. Following its release, the game was free to download for the first 24 hours on the video game distribution service Steam.


It features 2-4 players in co-op mode to play alongside friends who’ll be on the lookout for spooky things, similar to those vloggers seeking adventure in abandoned buildings. It’s a horror game, but players won’t have to worry about jump scares because of its looks. Players are already loving it, provided the social media posts hover around the internet.

Content Warning Was Given to Players for Free, They Still Love It Anyway

Content Warning already has 100K players upon the release.
Content Warning already has 100K players upon release.

It has been a day, but the game has already surpassed 100K players playing it according to the latest social media post on X (formerly Twitter).


Players are already seen posting videos of their in-game characters running all over the place in the game’s environment. It seems hard to get at the odds about the game when it has already received so much love from the community that is growing as fast as rabbits.

Steam shows that the game has received 5,810 reviews at press time, and it’s “Overwhelmingly Positive.” One Steam user dubbed foodeater writes, “played for 10 minutes, got eaten by a blob, spat out, ran away, got famous. incredible.”


One user thanked Landfall for making the game. “We should all be thanking you for making this masterpiece,” wrote Cosmicdude717 on X.

What’s interesting is that players may get to learn a thing or two about digital marketing too as users will be dealing with the in-game ad revenue generated by the video. Every run goes on for three days and enough views on a video will allow the players to live a life of fame in the game.


It Won’t be Surprising if it Enters the Game of The Year Debate

Players need to film something spooky in the game to become famous.
Players need to film something spooky in the game to become famous.

Speculating the game to become the Game of the Year wouldn’t be pertinent at this point, but it sure does hold potential to enter the list. So far, both Helldivers 2 and Palworld, are leading the race to become the best. While the former has sold nearly 8 million copies globally, the latter has sold around 25 million.

However, these two aren’t the only ones paving a path to the top. Other games in the race include Alan Wake 2Spider-Man 2Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and more. Baldur’s Gate 3 has already received the GoTY title at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

With over 100K players registered within 24 hours, Content Warning is going to be a viral phenomenon over the internet, at least for now. The spooky creatures await players, better yet, the gamers don’t jump to scare them.


Did you play Content Warning yet? If yes, how was the experience? Let us know in the comments.


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