Could GTA 4 and 5 Be Coming to Mobile?

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Grand Theft Auto is one of gaming’s biggest franchises, and yet even among the series, GTA 4 and 5 stand the test of time as some of its best games. Not only that, they are, in fact, some of the best games ever made. These two also brought in huge profits for Rockstar. And now, some new information has surfaced that may point to Rockstar’s plans to release these two masterpieces on Mobile.


GTA 4 and 5 both released to critical acclaim. Both games were also commercially successful, and proved that Rockstar was still the best when it came to open world game design. They have also banded together large communities that are dedicated to keeping the games alive.

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Evidence of GTA 4 and 5 on Mobile

GTA 4 and 5 might release on Mobile
GTA 4 and 5 might release on mobile.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Grand Theft Auto has made its way to Mobile devices. Most of the evidence for these mobile ports of GTA 4 and 5 comes from the Mobile version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Rockstar continues to update this game, and with the latest patch, dataminers have found evidence of a Rockstar Mobile Launcher.

Leaker logan-mcgee over on GTA Forums was able to extract some interesting information from the new update to the Android and iOS game. He states that there is evidence of a Rockstar Mobile Launcher found in the code, with a possible GTA Plus subscription. It seems that Rockstar is taking the live service approach, as there are also apparently new login screens that will be present.

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A Live Service approach to the Rockstar Mobile Launcher

GTA 4 and 5 Mobile leaks come from GTA: San Andreas Mobile
GTA 4 and 5 Mobile leaks come from GTA: San Andreas Mobile.

The Launcher may always require a subscription, as there are also leaks of a free trial where you may try the game for a limited time. The Launcher may also feature save transfer from the standalone titles to this Mobile version.

But as the leaker mentions, the big takeaway from all this is the repeated mention of GameClub, a video game subscription service for iOS and Android. GameClub was acquired by Take-Two Interactive in 2022, so this may point towards Rockstar implementing a similar system for their own titles.

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What This Means for GTA 4 and 5

GTA 4 and 5 could be introduced to a new audience
GTA 4 and 5 could be introduced to a new audience

It’s possible that Rockstar plans to release their games, including GTA 4 and 5, on Mobile via this Mobile Launcher. They have already done it before for titles like San Andreas and Vice City, so it isn’t outside the realm of possibility. It seems to many that Rockstar is trying to expand heavily before the release of GTA 6. With the recent news of the Red Dead Redemption remake, the numerous GTA 6 leaks, and now this, Rockstar is making big moves with their IPs, and I for one cannot wait to see what they have in store.

But what do you think? Is it far-fetched to assume that GTA 4 and 5 will release on Mobile? Is this Rockstar Mobile Launcher the way to go? Let us know in the comments!

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