Counter-Strike 2 to get New eSports Tournament for all to Enter!

Brand-new competition revealed by FACEIT for new players to earn their way into the pro-league.

Counter-Strike 2 to get New eSports Tournament for all to Enter


  • FACEIT reveal new proving grounds competition for new Counter-Strike 2 players.
  • FACEIT competition offers incredible $100,000 reward.
  • Counter-Strike 2 will be used in all eSports from now on.
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For years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has had an ever-growing eSports presence as teams from all over the globe competed to win major cash prizes and fame. With the release of Counter-Strike 2, players are now wondering how this will impact the CS:GO tournament scene.


Since Counter-Strike 2‘s release on September 27th, it has received a lot of positive and negative reactions from long-term fans of the franchise. This has many worried about the state of the competitive scene as there have been plans for a few different eSports tournaments over the next few months.

What is Changing for eSports Regarding Counter-Strike 2?

Counter-Strike 2 To Get New eSports Tournament For All To Enter
Counter-Strike 2 releases with new eSports competition for beginners.

Due to its immediate release on September 27th, Counter-Strike 2 has already received a lot of backlash from fans regarding the competitive scene, as there are some who are worried it will cause a lot of issues due to the fact that the game is still quite buggy and full of technical issues.


This is evident thanks to a lot of glitches that have been arising within the Counter-Strike 2 community, which has been constantly reporting issues to Valve on a regular basis. One of the main complaints that gamers have reported is a glitch that has been plaguing the game for a few days, which is the “Smooth Criminal” glitch, which makes players lean like Michael Jackson.

Since these issues have been notified by the player base, they have been fixed by Valve for Counter-Strike 2, but this has many worried about what state the game will be in for competitors. Recently, it has been announced that Counter-Strike 2 will be the platform used for any future competitions, except for the current pro league, which is already taking place.

With this change being implemented in future eSport Counter-Strike leagues, it is understandable that the competitors will need time to refine their skills and get to grips with the way the new systems work. This has been taken into consideration, and the competitions will be pushed back slightly to give players over a month to practice within Counter-Strike 2.


What is the New Counter-Strike 2 Competition that All Players Can Enter?

Counter-Strike 2 To Get New eSports Tournament For All To Enter
Counter-Strike 2 proving grounds competition will reward winners with $100,000.

Over the years, Counter-Strike has had a major following of gamers who have always dreamt of becoming a part of the competitive pro league. This has now become a possibility as there is a brand-new competition being devised by FACEIT for Counter-Strike 2.

This new competition will be known as the FACEIT Pro-League Proving Grounds and will be used as an entry-level competition. This new competition will mainly focus on allowing new players to attempt to rise in the ranks and earn a place in the higher-tier competitions.

Even though this is a brand-new competition for beginners, there is still a prize pool for players to win which is set at $100,000 split amongst the team. For a competition for beginners, this is an incredible opportunity to jump into the competitive scene and gain first-hand experience.


This competition will take place every four months, will be open to all kinds of players, and will be effective as a gateway for players to obtain the chance to become a part of the main pro leagues. As this new competition gains more popularity, it will hopefully help more players get into the competitive scene and bring new blood into the game.

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