Cringe Celeb Couples That Make Us Barf Our Guts Out

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Hollywood seems to have its own world. Naturally, there are couples who are open and honest with their fans and stay together over time. Meanwhile, some odd pairs give followers the impression that they’re being pranked. Here’s a list of cringe celeb couples that make us gag:


1. Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne

The extremely cringe celeb couple - Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne
The extremely cringe celeb couple – Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne.

Sharon and Ozzy’s cringe celeb marriage has been tough despite their decision to stay intact through it all. Sharon revealed in an interview with The Sun in 2018 that she had sedated Ozzy to compel him to confess the fact that he had cheated on her with several women. She admitted, “I was a broken woman.” Apparently, Ozzy accidentally sent her an email that was intended for one of the other women. He took his sleeping medications after that. Sharon added two more to his drink and asked him all of it, and he told her.

2. Peter Davidson & Kate Beckinsale

The cringe celeb couple - Peter Davidson & Kate Beckinsale
The cringiest celeb couple with a 20-year age gap – Peter Davidson & Kate Beckinsale.

Before he met Ariana Grande, no one noticed who Pete Davidson was. Surprisingly, in 2019, his relationship with Kate Beckinsale had caused quite a stir. Their 20-year age gap, as well as the haste with which he moved on from his commitment with Grande, left supporters undecided about how to react to the situation. Although the relationship has since ended, we have to admit that this was one of the most cringe celeb couples we’ve ever seen.


3. Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey

Cringe celeb couple - Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey
Stars of MTV reality show – Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica

This cringe celeb couple found themselves in the middle of an incredibly public split just under four years of marriage. Their popularity was also added to, by a reality show they did on MTV called Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey separated at first, and then Jessica filed for divorce in 2005. In a 2015 interview with CNBC’s Closing Bell, she admitted that marrying Nick was her greatest financial mistake. This is understandable given that she was forced to pay him $12 million due to the lack of a prenuptial agreement.

4. Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

Cringe celeb couple - Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown
The ones with the strange marriage and eerie controversies – Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

Brown is frequently chastised for enabling Houston’s extreme drug addiction, which he later claimed peaked near the end of their marriage. Infidelity and drug addiction ravaged the marriage throughout the course of their 14 years together. Whitney died of coronary artery disease and cocaine overdose in 2012. Bobbi Kristina, her daughter with Brown, died in a hauntingly similar fashion in 2015, at the age of 22.

5. Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards

Cringe celeb couple - Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards
Cringe Celeb Couple Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards.

Denise Richards’ marriage to Charlie Sheen appears to be a dangerous one, particularly knowing what she revealed when she sought a restraining order against him in 2005. Denise alleged at the time that Charlie pushed her while she was cradling their baby Lola, and that he warned her that he was going to murder her. Cringe celeb Charlie Sheen proceeded to insult and belittle Denise even till 2015, tweeting that she was a “heretic washed up piglet shame pile.” Recently, Denise claimed that she has a strained relationship with her daughter, as Charlie has pitted her against Denise.


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