Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty Details Emerge Ahead of Release

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The Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, Phantom Liberty, is just around the corner, and is set to introduce Idris Elba to the futuristic dystopia. His character, Solomon Reed, will be bringing an espionage twist to the CD Projekt Red title and will hopefully set a new precedent for the quality of Cyberpunk 2077 as a whole. 


As Phantom Liberty gets closer to its September 26 release date, fans are begging for any additional information they can get their hands on. Gamescom 2023 was a great opportunity to showcase the upcoming DLC, and Stella Chung, a reporter with IGN, obtained new insights from director, Gabriel Amatangelo.

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Although the trailer released at Opening Night Live teased the new Dogtown district, updated skills, police system, vehicular combat, etc. there were still plenty of other questions viewers wanted answered. The interview with Amatangelo opened up a whole new opportunity for extra details, and it appears Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty might just be the redemption ticket CD Projekt Red is anticipating.

What Gabriel Amatangelo Disclosed in His Interview About Phantom Liberty 

Phantom Liberty
Phantom Liberty will be the first and only expansion for Cyberpunk 2077, as CD Projekt Red works to redeem the title before starting on the sequel.

As Amatangelo and Chung viewed gameplay footage for Phantom Liberty, Amatangelo explained what gamers can expect from the DLC. He began by talking about the primary antagonist of the expansion, Kurt Hansen. Hansen is a former New United States military leader who defected from the service and now runs Dogtown alongside his ruthless Barghest militia.

This area of Night City is so separated from the rest of the population, Corpos and the NCPD are not allowed inside. Hansen rules the district “with an iron fist” and will do anything to accomplish his goals. Dogtown is well-known for its black market trade as well as the seedy characters who roam its streets. 


The beauty of this style of expansion is it provides several options for upgrades, weapons, and more. Since the district specializes in trade, it allows CD Projekt Red to introduce new abilities and weapons under the guise of a fresh storyline. Amatangelo established that players can jump right into the Phantom Liberty DLC, or they can save it for later. There is no doubt he believes this will be the best time to get into the title for new or returning players. 

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Phantom Liberty will also include a greater focus on exploration of the Night City. Amatangelo detailed how there will be supply drops available, and gamers will be rewarded for stopping to open them. They will include all kinds of goodies including, potential additional quest lines or resolutions of offscreen events.


The director is incredibly excited about a new sniper rifle, although he was unwilling to provide specifics on the firearm prior to release. As the DLC will be leaning more into the spy genre, one can expect the rifle will be perfect for stealth operations and could possibly include a silencer.

The expansion coming with Phantom Liberty will bring new opportunities to play in ways players never would have expected with the base game.
The expansion of Phantom Liberty will bring new opportunities to play in ways users never would have experienced with the base game.

The Phantom Liberty expansion will be the first and only DLC for Cyberpunk 2077. Along with its release the title will include free content for players of the base game, but there are no plans to continue expanding. Instead, CD Projekt Red will push its momentum towards a sequel and hopefully provide gamers with a much better launch compared to the original.

If you are new to Cyberpunk 2077, or you were considering a return to the game, it appears now is the time to do it. Finally, with Phantom Liberty, gamers can experience the primary story and new expansion without the many bugs that appeared at the start. They will be prepared for the sequel when it eventually arrives and can navigate the world of Night City with much more ease and fluidity.


What do you think of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty? Will you be checking out the Idris Elba helmed expansion to see what’s going on in the game? Leave a comment and let us know what you think. 

Source: IGN

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