Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web hasn’t Even Surpassed Demon Slayer’s New Movie with First Day Sales

Madame Web is nowhere near Demon Slayer: The Roar of Victory's box office collection.

Dakota Johnson's Madame Web hasn't Even Surpassed Demon Slayer's New Movie with First Day Sales


  • Dakota Johnson starrer Madame Web was released on February 14, 2024 and managed to collect $5 million on its first day.
  • Madame Web's first day collection is still less than Demon Slayer: The Roar of Victory's collection in the Japanese market, which stands at $8.35 million.
  • Predictions say Madame Web will earn $30 million approximately in the next six days, with Demon Slayer expected to surpass it easily with its worldwide release.
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Madame Web was one of the most anticipated movies of 2024. There were a lot of expectations from the movie, especially after knowing that it might be connected to Spider-Man’s timeline. But after the first day, the film received a mediocre response from the audience, something which was reflected in the box office results of the movie as well.


On the other hand, Demon Slayer: The Roar of Victory came out two weeks before Madame Web and has been doing a great job at the box office. Even though both of them follow different genres, it is fair to say that Tanjiro and his friends have surpassed Dakota Johnson’s first titular role as a superhero. In simpler words, Madame Web is lagging behind The Roar of Victory.

Demon Slayer is Extending the Gap With Madame Web

demon slayer season 4 poster
Demon Slayer: The Roar of Victory

Madame Web was released on February 14, 2024. After the first day, the box office collection of the film stood at $5 million. The producers targeted Valentine’s Week to bring more audiences to the theatres. However, unfortunately, the film failed to live up to its expectations. On the other hand, Demon Slayer: The Roar of Victory was released on February 2, 2024, in Japan. It managed to earn 1.25 billion Yen in the first couple of weeks.


1.25 billion Yen, when converted to US Dollars, comes to $8.35 million. Even though The Roar of Victory was only released in Japan, it still leads the way, when compared to Madame Web. During the first week, it sold more than 400,000 tickets and brought in a revenue of $4.35 million. The success reached new heights in the second week, with more than 874,000 tickets sold in the second week.

Dakota Johnson is open to returning for a Madame Web sequel
Dakota Johnson as Madame Web

With anime becoming mainstream, the industry has been under a boom over the last decade. Demon Slayer: The Roar of Victory is an example of the growth of the industry. Considering its popularity, it was no surprise. Madame Web has a long journey ahead, with Demon Slayer extending the gap with each day.

Predictions are in Favor of Demon Slayer

After Madame Web’s first-day box office collections came out, there were a lot of predictions surrounding the movie. The critics and fans believe that the movie will soon pick up its pace and is estimated to earn more than $30 million after the first six days. Moreover, it is yet to be released in a few countries, which will boost ticket sales.

Madame Web

Demon Slayer: The Roar of Victory will also take the same path. The current box office results are from the Japanese market. Once it is released worldwide, there will be an overflow of revenue. Considering its popularity overseas, especially in Western countries, it can easily overcome the $100 million mark.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train collected more than $500 in revenue, so history might repeat itself. Of course, these are all just predictions. Until the time comes, nobody can know anything for sure. The original numbers may differ vastly from the predicted ones. It will be interesting to see whether Madame Web closes the gap, or if Demon Slayer: The Roar of Victory can maintain its lead.

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