Daniel Day-Lewis: 5 Times Hollywood’s Best Method Actor Shocked Us All


Three Academy Awards Winner and Hollywood’s Best Method Actor, the one and only “Daniel Day-Lewis” is undoubtedly the most talented actor in film history. The actor is known for his shocking acting roles. He is a method actor, which basically means that he lives the character in real life he’s portraying in a movie. We have curated a list of 5 Times Daniel Day-Lewis shocked us with his outstanding Method acting skills!

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1. Broke his nose while preparing for The Boxer

Day-Lewis played the role of a former boxer and a Provisional IRA member who is trying to rebuild his life after he spent a decade in jail. The actor went through some of the most severe training and preparation for the film compared to any other movie in his career. He worked with former world champion boxer Barry McGuigan, and during his practice, he even broke his nose. Barry mentioned that Day-Lewis became so good that he was ready to fight in real life also. The actor received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor for his brilliant performance!

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The Boxer

2. He spends weeks learning how to live in the woods for The Last of the Mohicans – 1992

Day-Lewis earned more respect for his method acting in this film. The movie was about the French and Indian War in the 1750s. He even learned how to hunt and eat animals. And also learned how to build different tools out of wood. The actor added all the efforts to make his look more original and realistic. Though he didn’t win an Academy Award nomination for the role, this performance is undoubtedly known as one of his best performances ever.

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Day-Lewis best performance

3. When Day-Lewis took method acting way too seriously!

Method acting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! And Day-Lewis proved that he is Hollywood’s best method actor. In Gangs of New York, Day-Lewis portrayed the role of a maniacal and brutal murderer Bill the Butcher. But the problem that came up here was that the actor got too much into the character, and he only wore period-specific clothes. But the temperature in Rome was very low during winters, and as a result, Day-Lewis caught Pneumonia. According to some reports, the actor was so ill that he nearly died! But in the end, he also received some of the best reviews of his acting career. He also got another Academy Award nomination for the Best Actor.

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Gangs of New York

4. Daniel Day-Lewis hit a milestone by taking home his third Best Actor win at the Oscars!

Daniel Day-Lewis has such an inspiring personality that every character he plays, he plays it with his whole heart and soul. When he portrayed the role of Abraham Lincoln in his movie Lincoln, everyone on the set was very inspired by his acting skills. He made the entire crew refer to him as “Mr. President”. Even the director Steven Spielberg agreed with this fact. He won Best Actor Motion Picture Drama at the Golden Globes.

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“Mr. President”

5. He learned the art of Dress-Making!

Many of you would be surprised to know that before working for his character in the movie Phantom Thread. Daniel Day-Lewis researched numerous fashion designers and learned dress-making for two years to fit into the character of Reynolds Woodcock. He played the role of a renowned dressmaker who designed gowns for different high society women. Would you believe that the actor even learned how to make a Balenciaga outfit from scratch? This film marked Day-Lewis’s final movie role to date.

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Phantom Thread


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