‘It’s probably a bad movie’: Daniel Kaluuya Confirms He’s Not in Black Panther 2, Fans Convinced Actor Turned Down Due to Rushed Script

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According to some reports, Daniel Kaluuya will not be there in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It is reported that due to scheduling conflicts with Jordan Peele’s Nope, Kaluuya opted for the Get Out director’s movie over Marvel. After the death of Chadwick Boseman, Marvel decided to not recast the role of T’Challa and now the exit of another great actor from the movie has already raised questions among the fans. Even though the reason stated is the schedule but the fans are convinced that it is due to a rushed script, the actor left the project.

Daniel Kaluuya not returning in Black Panther 2
Daniel Kaluuya won an Oscar for Judas and the Black Messiah

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Daniel Kaluuya in MCU:

Daniel Kaluuya out of Black Panther 2
Daniel Kaluuya as W’Kabi in Black Panther

Daniel Kaluuya played the role of W’Kabi, the chief of the border tribe and a close confidant of T’Challa in the first Black Panther movie. He received widespread appreciation for his role in the movie. The Oscar-winning actor was an important part of the first movie and the fans also loved him very much.


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As reported by @THATJacqueline of Rotten Tomatoes on Twitter, Daniel Kaluuya will not be there in Black Panther 2 as the movie’s schedules were clashing with his other venture Nope, a sci-fi horror directed by Jordan Peele. It’s the same director who worked with Daniel Kaluuya in Get Out and they received critical acclaim for that.

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The Fans Have Something Else To Say:

Even though it’s been repeatedly stated that the Judas and the Black Messiah actor left the movie due to scheduling issues, the fans are convinced that he didn’t take the movie due to a bad script. The recent track record of Marvel hasn’t been so good due to several reasons. Be it the disappointing movies like Doctor Strange 2 and Thor 4 or the issues of the VFX artists with the Studio that are leading to underwhelming VFX, the fans are convinced that the movie doesn’t have a good plot and is rushed.



With the absence of Chadwick Boseman and Daniel Kaluuya, the fans have less to no hopes for the movie even calling it a bad movie long before its release. Still, it can be hoped that the remaining cast and the plot help the movie and gives a proper direction to Phase 4 of MCU.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is going to hit the theaters on November 11, 2022. 


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