Daniel Radcliffe’s Friend and Stunt Double Broke His Neck and Was Paralyzed After a Deadly Harry Potter Accident

Daniel Radcliffe's Friend and Stunt Double Broke His Neck and Was Paralyzed After a Deadly Harry Potter Accident

In the captivating universe of Harry Potter, where the sorcery of magic and thrilling adventures held millions of fans spellbound, a shattering event happened unknown to the audience. While the saga pushed renowned stars to the height of fame, there exist stunt doubles who remain hidden in the shadows of the limelight.

 Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe And David Holmes

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Among them, David Holmes, the former stuntman who fearlessly portrayed Daniel Radcliffe’s on-screen partner, found his life dramatically altered by a fatal accident on set.

The Horrific Harry Potter Scene That Left A Stuntman Paralyzed

The Former Stuntman
The Former Stuntman, David Holmes

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David Holmes, a former stuntman who dedicatedly served as Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double throughout most of the films, found himself at the center of a tragic turn of events. It was during the filming of a harrowing scene that tragedy struck, leaving Holmes paralyzed.

From the moment Harry Potter graced the screen in 2001 until the series concluded in 2011, Holmes fearlessly performed all of the 33-year-old stunts. Little did he know that his final performance would mark the end of his mobility, restricting him to a wheelchair.

The former stuntman embarked on his journey as a stunt double at the age of 17, with his first credit coming in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2

His small height made him the perfect match for the 11-year-old Radcliffe. From there, he continued to double for the actor in every subsequent Harry Potter installment, until that fateful day in 2009 while filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, which was released two years later.

During a rehearsal of a flying scene, an unforeseen jerk caused Holmes’ neck to snap, leading to devastating consequences. For the past 13 years, he has been paralyzed from the chest down, with only limited mobility in his arms and hands.

However, Holmes had bravely spoken out about the injury he sustained during filming and the subsequent trauma he endured throughout his journey. 

David Holmes Addressed The Stunt Trauma

The former risk-taker who faced a life-altering incident while working as Radcliffe’s stunt double in the Harry Potter film series has bravely shared his experience and the subsequent trauma he endured.

In an interview with Mirror, he shed light on the accident, recounting the harrowing moments. He said,

“I hit the wall and then landed on the crash mat underneath. My stunt coordinator grabbed my hand and said, Squeeze my fingers. I could move my arm to grab his hand but I couldn’t squeeze his fingers. I looked into his eyes and that’s when I realized what happened was major.”

David Holmes
Former Risk-Taker, David Holmes

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As an experienced professional in the world of stunts, Holmes was accustomed to injuries. Yet, the familiar sensations of pain and tingling throughout his body were reminiscent of previous fractures.

He expressed that his initial concerns weren’t solely about the possibility of losing the ability to walk again, but also about the impact on other aspects of his life, such as dancing and intimacy.

Following the accident, he underwent six months of rehabilitation at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital (RNOH). The weight of his head on his shoulders proved to be an unbearable reminder of the profound change in his condition.

Despite the immense challenges he faced, Holmes credits his current state of mind to maintaining a positive attitude. He described,

“Having a positive mental attitude means everything. I also think if you’re positive about your disability then it can help you live with it.”

His strength and determination to overcome adversity have not only shaped his path but have also propelled him to become an ambassador for the RNOH.

Through his role, he aims to support and inspire others who have undergone similar life-altering accidents, ensuring that the hospital can continue providing exceptional care and expanding its services.

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Written by Muskan Chaudhary