Daredevil Season 4: Who Will Play The Villain in New Disney+ Reboot

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Daredevil, the TV series has been one of the most liked shows in the MCU. It was on Netflix for 3 seasons and was greatly loved by fans. Now it seems, that Disney+ has taken the reigns and season 4 looks likely. This is huge good news to fans who have been salivating at the prospect of Daredevil season 4.


In this light, we take a look at the characters who could be the next villain in this series. We have it narrowed down to five names. What are your thoughts on Daredevil season 4 on Disney+? Who do you think should play the villain going forwards? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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1. Jester

characters who could be the next villain in season 4 daredevil
The Jester

This villain is a classic. Jester made his debut in Daredevil #42 in 1968. The Jester is actually a person named Jonathan Powers. Powers was a struggling actor who had an inflated ego. He worked hard at all sorts of skills to enhance his performance as an actor but was held back by his poor acting acumen. He was left with a bad job that he resented. Frustrated by all this he got the Tinkerer to build him several gadgets. these helped him commit petty crimes in order to get revenge on society.

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2. Nuke

characters who could be the next villain in season 4 daredevil
A Picture of the Nuke

A Vietnam War veteran, Frank Simpson, is a super-soldier who was hired by the kingpin to kill Daredevil. Nuke caused a lot of mayhem until he was defeated by Captain America and Daredevil. He remains a fearsome and menacing villain and would do well as the next antagonist in season 4.


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3. Bushwhacker

characters who could be the next villain in season 4 daredevil
The Bushwhacker

Bushwhacker debuted in Daredevil #248 (1987). He was a CIA agent by the name of Carl Burbank. Bushwhacker has a gun arm which is formidable. He is a mercenary for hire and has worked for several characters in the past. However, his worst rival is Daredevil. The two share a personal enmity and this would spice up their combat in season 4.

4. Could Stilt-Man Be The villain In Daredevil Season 4?

characters who could be the next villain in season 4 daredevil
The Stilt-Man

This is a special entry on this list. The Stilt-Man is popular among fans. He debuted in Daredevil #8, in 1965. He was an engineer by the name of Wilbur Day. The Stilt-Man has an awesome battlesuit with the help of which he committed several robberies. Could the Stilt-Man be the next villain in Daredevil season 4?


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5. Mister Fear Could Be The Villain In
Daredevil Season 4

characters who could be the next villain in the next season
The villain, Mister Fear

Finally, we have Mister Fear. Mister Fear has deep roots and was one of the first villains in Daredevil. He debuted in Daredevil#6 (1965). He was a chemist by the name of Zoltan Drago. Drago developed a gas that would intensely frighten anyone who would inhale it. Drago was killed and replaced by another scientist named Starr Saxon. Larry Cranston, a professor was the person who held the title for the longest time. Mister Fear is certainly one of the best options to play the villain in the next season of Daredevil.

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