Dark vs Squid Game: Which is the Most Intense Netflix Foreign Language Thriller

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The debates rages on. Dark fans claim it is the best netflix non english thriller. Others say the korean masterpiece Squid Game is Netflix’s greatest foreign language production. It is time to settle this. Dark vs Squid Game – Which is the greatest non-english thriller to have been ever made?


Dark: The High Emotional Impact

Dark - High Story Impact
Dark – High Story Impact

The show is generally huddled into the sci-fi and time travel category. And it does extremely well there. But Dark is much more than just science fiction. It plays to its strength but also tries to get out of its comfort zone. The characters and their struggles make the story even better. The impact the plot has reminds us of a shakespearean tragedy, a story of twists and turns that ultimately ends with loss and grief. Dark ensures that within its morbid story arc, there’s still hope. Hope is what drives the story forward in Dark and that tiny ray of hope is enough for us to tune in for the next episode.


Squid Game: Most accurate Representation Of The Class Divide

Greatest Thrillers
Netflix’s Squid Game

For years, the public opinion of a select few elites grabbing onto power and wealth and manipulating society has grown ever so strong. Squid Game plays onto that sentiment. Its premise is less to do with an actual game and more to do with a social allegory – that free will is an illusion. Everything is being controlled by a chosen few from behind the curtains. And these people will do anything to protect their seats. including forcing folks to fight, maim, and kill each other for the sake of their entertainment.

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Dark: It’s A Show With Deeper Meaning

Dark - The Three Jonases
Dark – The Three Jonases

The number 3 has a very huge significance for Dark. Jonas travels across three worlds and the show has three seasons. There are also Three different versions of Jonas as the story progresses. Like J.K. Rowling follows the rule of 7 in her books, Dark has a deeper fascination with the number 3 and the entire plot unravels based on that number. It becomes exceedingly hard for storytellers to stick to this rule as the lore expands. Hence it is a stroke of pure genius that Dark managed to end its story on this unique formula against all odds.

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Squid Game: Simplicity Is The Greatest Sophistication

netflix making a reality tv show based on squid game
Squid Game – The Candy Game

As the saying goes, there’s beauty in simplicity. And for some reason, simplicity has enamored humanity since time immemorial. We are scared of complicated stuff – be it stories, machines, or relationships. And Squid Game banks on this genuine fear of complexity we all possess. Each game in Squid Game is simple. And that raises the stakes higher. Everyone understands the game and easily concludes how to win it, leaving little to no advantage for the other players. This ‘fairness’ and ‘simplicity’ is what made watching people compete in Squid Game so terrifying.

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Dark: Leaves Many Questions Open To Interpretation

Dark - Open Ended Story Arc
Dark – Open Ended Story Arc

Dark does well in this field. A master storyteller never spoon-feeds the reader or viewer. he or she crafts the plot in such a manner that there are multiple ways for the audience to understand it. Dark’s episodes left the door open for a plethora of possibilities. Instead of walking the audience through each and every answer, the questions left unanswered allowed fan hype to build up and made the show ever more intriguing to watch.

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Squid Game: Better Character Development

Much Better Overall Character Development
Much Better Overall Character Development

squid Game hides within its episodes many clues that hint how the games were a ruse for Il-nam and the rest of the chosen elites to manipulate the players. Il-nam himself left many clues in previous episodes that helped viewers figure out that he was an inside man. The character of G-hun and his allies all had stories to tell and all of them changed in one way or another by the time the series ended. Only Gi-hun survived but his entire world was turned upside down because of Squid Game. Unlike Dark, Squid Game gave a proper redemption arc to almost all its major characters.


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