Overseas Originals That Could Become The Next Squid Game

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Netflix is looking for its next non-English original with international potential, similar to “Squid Game.” Non-English-language movies are crucial for Netflix to expand outside of the United States and Canada, which represents only around 7% of the 3gross paying subscriber base. The top 5 overseas originals streaming on TV are listed below. These attractions may be our next Squid Games:


1. 3% by Pedro Aguilera:

Japanese series like squid game.
Japanese series, 3 percent.

With a theme that is quite close to Squid Game, this sci-fi survival adventure is the first Brazilian Netflix Original series. Mankind is separated into two classes in the futuristic dystopia scenario of 3%. This comprises both the chronically destitute “Inland” and the rich civilization that lives in a utopia known as “Offshore.” When persons from the Inland reach the age of 20, they are invited to engage in a competition known as the Process, with the reward of progression to the Offshore. However, the trials are extremely rigorous, and just 3% of candidates succeed each year.

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2. Alice In Borderland by Shinsuke Sato:

Japanese suspense magna series like Squid Game.
Japanese suspense Magna series.

Alice In Borderland is a Japanese series based on a manga of the same name, set in a dystopian society that is both harsh and fascinating. Gamers are trapped in an uninhabited Tokyo, and the only chance of remaining alive is to compete and win. Alice In Borderland is the essence of the sci-fi thriller industry since it tackles ambiguity. It is similar to Squid Game in that it emphasizes fighting and winning or dying. The show contains some disturbing and brutal moments but promises an adrenaline-pumping thriller that strikes a mix between mystique and action.

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3. All of Us Are Dead by Lee Jae Gyu:

Zombie apocalypse horror TV series like Squid game.
Zombie apocalypse horror TV series.

Zombie movies have been among South Korea’s biggest worldwide blockbusters, with Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead becoming one of the greatest. A zombie plague breakout at a high school is the subject of this gripping thriller. The plot features a group of students as they combat flesh-eating monsters, some of whom were formerly human friends. All of Us Are Dead is a new twist on the undead genre, inspired by the webtoon Now at Our School. It focuses on teen protagonists and transforms everyday classes into bloodbaths.


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4. Kakegurui by Yuichiro Hayashi:

Japanese anime series like squid games
Japanese anime series, Kakegurui.

Kakegurui is as unique as it is captivating, albeit it does slip into a number of obvious clichés along the way. Yumeko arrives in Hyakkaou and is soon drawn into the game of gambling. The 12 episodes of this show follow the two protagonists as they struggle together through many wagering games with several members of the student council, until the eventual final confrontation with the President. The images are stunning, the soundtrack is fantastic, and the gambling and numerous games represented are engaging and tense.

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5. Your Turn to Kill by Yasushi Akimoto:

Shows like squid games
Nana and Shota from Your Turn to Kill.

Your Turn To Kill is a Japanese TV drama about Nana and Shota, who relocate together to a new apartment complex. The tenants of this residence, who appear to be normal at first look, like playing a game in which they jointly determine who they wish to kill. The protagonists strive to investigate the secret of their deceased neighbors, ignorant of this disturbing game. Your Turn To Kill is an action-packed show with everything from strategy and conspiracy to gore and brutality. The heroes traverse their new home while facing death in the face.

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