Squid Game: 5 Things That Don’t Make Sense In The Show

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This battle royale-themed Netflix show Squid Game became a massive hit across the world. Its gripping storyline and intense action scenes make up for most of its success. Korean dramas are known for their unique horror genre, and they are slowly dominating the international platform.


However, no matter how obsessed we all are with the games and turnabouts of the show, some questions boggle our minds. These could either be the showrunners’ way of making us anticipate more or merely plot holes that were overlooked. Either way, we’ve got a couple of things to ponder while we wait for the sequel.

Player 001 Could Have Died Easily

Player 001 Squid Game


The revelation at the end of the show was almost too predictable. The old man or Player 001 was actually the mind behind the games. We never saw him get shot in the head when he lost to Player 456, and that was a subtle hint.

Despite so, he is too old to play a game as rigorous as the ones they had. He could have died of a heart attack or accident. Certainly, he may have been spared in some games that are controlled by the admin but what about the riot? The elderly man could have been stabbed by a fellow player.

What Happened To One Of The VIPs

VIP Squid Game


The undercover police Hwang Jun-ho was invited by a VIP to a private room for some ‘fun time’. Before he could even start, Jun-ho grabbed him where it hurt and pointed a gun at his face. He extracted all the information he can about the game. And when they discovered the unconscious body, we never heard of him since then.

It would certainly cause to alarm the other VIPs why their fellow has not returned for hours. Moreover, we’d like to know what happened to the poor guy.

Sang-Woo’s Mom Adopted A Child



Because Player 456 promised that he would take care of Player 067’s brother when she dies, he took him out of the orphanage and left him in the care of Sang-woo’s mother. It seems a little strange that the old woman gladly accepted to take care of a child she barely knows.

Moreover, she hasn’t even heard anything about her son for more than a year. She did not even ask Player 456 about Sang-woo. The fact that she’s so open to adopting another son could imply that she has moved on.

A Former Player Became The Host



It’s the kind of twist that audience could easily predict. The Host was revealed to be the brother of the police officer and that he participated in the games years ago.

How is it possible that a player became part of the game? This could be answered in the sequel as many secrets are still yet to unfold.

Unfair Treatment To Its Contestants

Player 067


The game boasts of its principle about fairness and equality but it seems like they do not practice what they preach. After the fifth game, Player 067 got severely injured due to the glass shard that struck her after they blew up the glass bridge. No one even bothered to give her first aid which, in this case, robbed her of the chance to compete for the Squid Game final round.


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