David Ayer Confirms if He’s Still into James Gunn’s DCU after WB Openly Humiliated Him With Suicide Squad Director’s Cut

David Ayer’s loyalty as a DC fan will continue despite Suicide Squad Ayer Cut being rejected by Warner Brothers and the DC franchise.

David Ayer Confirms if He's Still into James Gunn's DCU after WB Openly Humiliated Him With Suicide Squad Director's Cut


  • David Ayer officially confirmed that his dreams of releasing a Suicide Squad Ayer Cut was shut down by DC.
  • Despite this bitter disappointment, Ayer revealed in a tweet that he would always remain a DC fan.
  • The director confessed in a podcast that the failure of Suicide Squad affected him deeply.
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Following the failure of 2016’s Suicide Squad, director David Ayer faced the brunt of the criticisms for failing to steer a star-studded cast to box office glory. The film which did not work on many counts with audiences and critics, led to the filmmaker revealing that Warner Brothers did not support his more powerful and intense vision for Jared Leto’s Joker.

David Ayer
David Ayer with Margot Robbie on the sets of Suicide Squad

Over the years, Ayer has been very vocal about wanting a second chance to make amends by releasing a Suicide Squad Ayer’s Cut to right the wrongs in the original film. The Beekeeper director’s hopes though, have now officially been squashed permanently with his latest confirmation that Warner Brothers and the DCEU have thrown out the Ayer Cut forever. Despite this disappointment, Ayer confessed that he will always be a DC fan.

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David Ayer Still Loves DC Despite Being Snubbed By The Franchise

Sometimes, lofty visions in a filmmaker’s head do not materialize into an equally ambitious end product. This was the case with 2016’s Suicide Squad directed by David Ayer and starring the who’s who of Hollywood including Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto. Despite a glittering cast and a promising narrative, Suicide Squad fell flat at the box office and did not make an impression on DC fans and critics worldwide.

Jared Leto
David Ayer revealed that his vision for Jared Leto’s Joker did not materialize as planned

Following this disappointment, Ayer revealed some startling details about how his plans for certain characters like Leto’s Joker, were not allowed to take shape by Warner Brothers and the DCEU. The Bright filmmaker has also openly advocated a remake of Suicide Squad through which he could get another opportunity to make amends for the film’s failure.

Though he fervently pushed for Suicide Squad Ayer’s Cut to see the light of day for the past few years without any real response from the franchise, his wish was finally run to the ground a few days ago. Ayer confirmed in a now deleted tweet that Warner Brothers and James Gunn had no interest in releasing the film for the future. In another post on Twitter, Ayer wrote a single sentence that spoke volumes.


“I’m done with DC”

Following this post though, the Suicide Squad director added another tweet referring to this sentence, and stated in no uncertain terms that he would remain a DC fan and loyalist for a long time to come.

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David Ayer Was Deeply Affected By Suicide Squad Failure

There was no greater disappointment for David Ayer than seeing his brainchild being ripped apart to pieces. The Suicide Squad director revealed how the film’s failure affected him deeply and almost felt like a heartbreak for him. Baring his soul on the Real Ones with Jon Bernthal podcast, Ayer confessed that he felt completely depleted after all this efforts at being true to his vision, did not have any effect.


“The big one is Suicide Squad. That s**t broke me. That handed me my a**.”

David Ayer
David Ayer with Jon Bernthal

The director compared his film’s failure to that of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and revealed how both these films did not showcase the profound ambitions of the filmmakers and what they were trying to achieve through the narrative.


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