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David Fincher Swears Loyalty to Netflix as ‘Future of Cinema’ After The Killer Despite Streaming Giant Canceling Mindhunter

David Fincher claims that Netflix allows a more quality production, while old studios fear spending too much on projects

david fincher swears loyalty to netflix as ‘future of cinema’ after the killer despite streaming giant canceling mindhunter


  • David Fincher has picked his side in the debate of streaming vs. theatres, and he might be going against many other legendary directors
  • The director has claimed that Netflix is the future as it allows the creators to use better technology and doesn't mind the budget like old studios
  • The director went on to claim that the audience should move on as Netflix offers more quality than theatres, which seems quite contradictory

David Fincher is one name that always piques the fans’ interest. You know you’re in for a hell of a ride when you see the name of the Gone Girl director flash before the start of any movie. In the span of a 4-decade long career, he has worked with innumerable studios, having had the experience of working with both heaven and earth. And what is his heaven? According to Hollywood’s mind number, it is Netflix that is at the pole. And fans were quick to disagree with the statement.

David Fincher is all for Netflix

david fincher
David Fincher

While speaking to Le Monde, David Fincher hailed working with Netflix as a great experience. It was the streaming giant’s readiness that made them stand apart. The Fight Club director said (via The Playlist),

“Let’s be honest. I have worked for most of the major film studios. When you tell them, ‘I have to do these special effects in 4K,’ their first response is, ‘Oh, gee, why do it so expensive?’ They balk at the slightest expense. Netflix has never quibbled with this type of choice.” 

His praise for Netflix doesn’t end there. 

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David Fincher hails Netflix as the future

David Fincher
David Fincher

In David Fincher’s opinion, the streaming service is a bulwark when it comes to making quality cinema. He continued, 

“They adopted an industry standard that made sense to filmmakers. Netflix has by far the best “quality control” in all of Hollywood.”

The Se7en director is also of the opinion that it is time to move on from old-school theatres that suffer from “technical conditions that were deplorable”. He said,

“We must move past all this nostalgia to finally ask ourselves the right question: who offers optimal representation today?”

The future lies with Netflix.


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Does quality really matter for Netflix?

Mindhunter serial killer shows

David Fincher’s statement has stoked quite a controversy. Fans contend that his vociferous support for Netflix does not have a sound basis. For all its monetary prowess and efficient quality control, the streaming service canceled Mindhunter, arguably one of Fincher’s finest.

Netflix’s Season Two cancellation club is no secret. And how do they decide what to cancel? The answer is money. Its primary concern is ensuring that the show garners a sizable viewership, one that is enough to justify its renewal. Fans of TheOA, Altered Carbon, and Luke Cage know this pain very well.

What is startling is the fact that Netflix’s budget constraints don’t step in when it is making a high-budget film like Gray Man. In spite of having a measly 44% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, word is that the Ryan Gosling starrer is all set to get a sequel.

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