‘Strong women don’t pine for male approval’: God of War Director David Scott Jaffe Calls Brie Larson Haters ‘Nasty ring of underdeveloped geeks’

God of War Director David Scott Jaffe Calls Brie Larson Haters 'Nasty ring of underdeveloped geeks'
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David Scott Jaffe, game designer and the director of God of War, is in arguments over people not supporting or liking the female-led Marvel shows or movies. In his argument, he called out male critics of the show for being misogynistic, homophobic, and racist. The game designer mentioned in a series of tweets how people specifically don’t like the portrayal of women who do not pine for male approval. 

David Scott Jaffe
David Scott Jaffe

The tweets soon became a discussion point for many Marvel fans, some defended the superhero universe, whereas some did not agree with David Scott Jaffe. The argument started over an interview with Captain Marvel star Brie Larson.

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David Scott Jaffe Calls Out Biased Male Critics

Responding to a clip from Brie Larson’s interview at D23 Expo, a Twitter user said, “It feels like Brie Larson goes out of her way to be as unlikable as possible.” 

Retweeting this tweet Jaffe said, “They can say Capt Marvel is a bad movie but here’s the truth: they don’t like Brie cause she doesn’t give a F**k about them”.

He further said that Larson doesn’t pine for their attention and they hate her cause she won’t kiss the nasty ring of underdeveloped geek men. 

In his last tweet, he said that it is not just about hating those specific movies that make a person misogynist or racist. But when someone constantly hates specific female-led movies, but does not have anything to say when it comes to bad male-led movies, and that is what really makes a person misogynist. 


David Scott Jaffe Explains Why People Only Like Wanda

He also said that people love Wanda, as she is portrayed differently. She is not like She-Hulk or Captain Marvel and is longing for her sons and a family, which is what people assume women are meant for, and they love her because of that. 

Elizabeth Olson as Wanda

He said, “They love Scarlet Witch, a woman who literally destroys universes because she can’t have the man she loves. See the pattern? It’s misogyny and it’s gross.”

However, Wanda is not the only female character that Marvel fans like or appreciate. There have been and will be multiple female characters who people love and look forward to. 


He made these tweets based on the reviews Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and She-Hulk have been receiving. 

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

As for Brie Larson, she is a great actress. Captain Marvel may not have been able to have the impact, everyone expected it to have, but it can not be blamed on the lead actress of the film alone. 

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Leading Ladies of Marvel

Black Widow introduced Marvel fans to Yelena Belova, a character loved by many who will soon make her comeback into the MCU. She-Hulk is also having mixed reviews, not because of the actress, but the way it has been represented so far.  

MCU’s Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Shuri

These are not the only characters, but fans have been loving Shuri in Black Panther, Kate in Hawkeye, Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, Nebula, and Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, and so many more characters. These are some of the powerful female Marvel characters who stood equal to the male heroes during any battle. 

All in all, there can be multiple reasons why someone hates a show, a person, or a film. Many times the reason, as David Scott Jaffe called it, is misogynist. But that’s not always the case. Movie critics do not just see whether the movie lead is a male or female for pronouncing it as good or bad. 

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

It includes a number of things that they go through, including story, direction, and acting. However, it would not be wrong to say in this age, where everyone has the resources, are sharing their opinion online. And there might be some, who simply hate female-led movies or shows, but not everyone can be credited for that. 

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