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DC Comics Officially Kills Off Harley Quinn In Issue #22

Brace yourselves, Harley Quinn fans, because DC Comics is officially killing off the character in the next issue. The anti-hero will face an encounter where she cannot find a way out.

The Death Of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn from DC Comics

Doctor Harleen Quinzel’s death will involve a murder case in which a search for her killer will take place. DC promised that this story would be one of Harley’s most insane arcs.

As a Gotham villain, Harley has faced many death threats before, and what is more surprising is her talent for cheating her way out of it. Imagine being that clever enough that neither Hell nor Heaven would open its gates for you. In this new upcoming issue, the writers will take her death more seriously.

Death in comics is not always permanent; characters may return or resurrect one way or another. But if Harley will be gone for good, she will find it difficult to maintain her presence in the Dark Knight’s circle.

Who Really Killed Her?

Harley Quinn #22 issue is created by Stephanie Phillips and artist Matteo Lolli. On the issue’s cover, Harley is seen lying dead with a caption: “Who Killed Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn 22 cover
DC Comics Harley Quinn Issue #22 Cover

The story will be narrated by Harley herself. In the Dark Crisis, the Justice League faced an untimely death, and fans might be shaken to know that their favorite female anti-hero will also suffer the same fate.

Here is DC Comics’ synopsis of the story:

The Quinn is dead! Long live the Quinn! I get killed in this one… for real! Dead. Deceased. Former. Late. Pushing up daisies. Somebody needs to solve my murder, and since I don’t see Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot around, I guess that’ll have to be me. Though, since I’m dead… there are certain hurdles to overcome. The Harley-est, wildest arc starts right here… get ready for murder, Multiversal mischief, and more guest appearances, with Stephanie Phillips and new Harley Quinn artist Matteo Lolli!

Harley Quinn #22 will be available in stores this September 27th.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.