DC Fans Will Have Sleepless Nights after Hearing What Bruce Timm Said about ‘Batman Beyond’ Reunion: “I wouldn’t rule it out in the future”

Bruce Timm envisioned a Batman Beyond direct-to-video movie in DC's future and it's high time James Gunn made it a reality.

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  • Bruce Timm's contribution to the Batman lore helped create an irrefutable, futuristic icon in the long-established IP.
  • A 'Batman Beyond' movie adaptation is imminent as Bruce Timm envisioned it too as the next evolutionary step in the future of DC.
  • James Gunn's DCU is the perfect platform to revive the old 90s charm when it comes to animation, especially with the demand for 'Batman Beyond' among fans.
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The DC Animated Universe wouldn’t be what it is today if it were not for Bruce Timm. The legendary DC icon’s contribution to the tales of Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond is irrefutable. And yet, the artist’s reach can only extend so far in giving the audience hope of a new era of comics and their adaptations.

Batman Beyond [Credit: Warner Bros. Television Animation]
Batman Beyond [Credit: Warner Bros. Television Animation]

However, Bruce Timm’s authority does reach Batman Beyond for being essential in its creation and successful execution during a period of extreme turmoil at DC. After decades of hoping to witness Terry McGinnis back in action, the dream could finally get a shot at coming true.

Bruce Timm Harbors Hope for Batman Beyond in DC

Although the era of Spider-Verse has already made the next evolutionary stage in animation a reality, Batman Beyond can’t be too far behind. Moreover, demands have been increasing for new content on the animation front and fans are invoking the return of the Batman Beyond adaptation in a stylized version that looks almost similar to Sony’s Spider-Verse trilogy.

Batman Beyond as envisioned by Bruce Timm
Batman Beyond as envisioned by Bruce Timm [Credit: Warner Bros. Television Animation]

But with the foresight of a true visionary, Bruce Timm predicted a Batman Beyond reunion when DC was still in its Christopher Nolan era. With the rumblings of a new Batman Beyond project in development, Timm claimed during an interview with Think McFly Think:

“What we had originally planned on doing was another direct-to-video movie just for Batman Beyond, where Terry finds out that Bruce is actually his biological father. That’s something we were really looking forward to, but it didn’t work out at that point in time…

…But I wouldn’t rule it out in the future. We’ve definitely discussed having a Batman Beyond re-union of sorts, but it won’t be happening anytime soon if it does get made.”

At the time, however, the deal fell through and the adaptation went into hibernation on the studio shelves. Now, the time is more ripe than ever and it’s time to finally reap the dreams and expectations that the fans sowed. Bruce Timm’s vision for the future of DC can finally manifest with the adaptation of Batman Beyond by reviving it from the vaults of Warner Bros.

Batman Beyond is a Good Idea for James Gunn’s DCU

Batman Beyond anniversary short [Credit- DC Entertainment]
Batman Beyond anniversary short [Credit: DC Entertainment]

The only thing DC and Marvel Studios have in common right now is the hype in their animation departments. With Marvel’s X-Men ’97 proving to be a frontier in the modern resurgence of the comic book animation era, DC’s Creature Commandos have generated a similar mass euphoria among fans due to James Gunn’s radically artistic approach.


But Bruce Timm’s Batman Beyond is the underdog contender in the race of this new animation era. The 90s-era comic, that came into existence as a result of studio politics and unreasonable demands from Warner Bros. execs, transformed into one of the best comic book series of all time. The reimagined futuristic Bat of Gotham won the collective consciousness of the DC fandom despite their infamous loyalty to the lore and mythology that respects original creations above all else.

As such, a Batman Beyond reunion is not only in the interest of everyone involved – including Warner Bros., DC, and the fans but also a good creative investment that will help grow the DC brand from the ground up while giving it more legitimacy by bringing back one of the classics that gave DC an irrefutable identity as a comic juggernaut.

Batman Beyond is available for streaming on Max.

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