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DC Honors Kevin Conroy By Releasing His Heartbreaking ‘Finding Batman’ Story For Free as Late Actor Becomes Beacon of Hope For LGBTQ+ Fanbase

DC Honors Kevin Conroy By Releasing His Heartbreaking ‘Finding Batman’ Story For Free as Late Actor Becomes Beacon of Hope For LGBTQ+ Fanbase

Kevin Conroy’s passing caught the world by an abrupt surprise as the iconic actor and voice actor succumbed after his battle with cancer at the age of 66. His role as Batman was one that would always be remembered as he brought to life the caped crusader in 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series. 

Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy with a life-sized Batman cutout.

This was only the beginning of the actor’s tremendous career and to honor him, DC has made his comic work, Finding Batman free for all the fans to be mesmerized with. The comic talked about a lot, ranging from his struggles as an actor to his finally becoming the cowled hero. His fans are all mourning his loss, however, this initiative by DC has given the audience an insight into what it was like to be Kevin Conroy.

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Kevin Conroy’s Legacy That He Left Behind

Finding Batman talked about Kevin Conroy‘s life before and after he became Batman. From being a gay actor in Hollywood to having an alcoholic father as well as a schizophrenic brother. The comic deals with his journey as a closeted actor and the homophobia that he had to face. November 10th, 2022 became a difficult day for fans throughout the world as Kevin Conroy was no longer a part of this world.

GettyImages 1162849997
Kevin Conroy at Comic-Con

His journey from Batman: The Animated Series was the beginning of it all, with him then voicing the character for various other shows, as well as portraying Batman from a different universe in Batwoman for CW’s crossover event for the Arrowverse. Conroy as Batman was a household name as he not only became a fan favorite but, also brought the series great success.

His career as an actor had already begun before he became the iconic character. Lolita on Broadway was his first-ever step towards acting, which then ranged from multiple other shows where he became a part of Hollywood.

11xp conroy 03 videoSixteenByNine3000 v2
Kevin Conroy

The comic itself happens to be a part of DC’s Pride initiative for 2022, where they released numerous works of various actors, voice actors, artists, and writers who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community and wanted to share the stories of their journeys. Amongst them were creators such as Devin Grayson, Alyssa Wong, and Travis G. Moore. It also featured multiple characters from DC, such as Poison Ivy, Jon Kent, Harley Quinn, Dreamer, and Batwoman.

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Jon Kent’s Coming Out Story Inspired Fans Everywhere

Jon Kent’s Coming out of the story was one that inspired the hearts of many fans throughout. Jon Kent was seen kissing Jay Nakamura in a comic book issue in 2021. Superman, the character is a symbol of hope, and to see him come out in such a mesmerizing way, he became the hope of many people from the LGBTQIA+ community.

superman jon kent comes out bisexual header
Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura in the comics

“This was an opportunity to do something different, something not seen before. And to have this Superman represent people who haven’t been represented before and haven’t been able to see themselves in Superman.”

A different outlook to Jon, who is said to be just like his father, Kal-el, DC decided to make certain changes to the character, and the national coming out day became the beginning of Jon Kent’s story.

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