6 Times DC Introduced Stronger, Much More Powerful Variants

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Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are just a few among the DC Universe’s most powerful characters. These heroes patrol the streets and skies of their adventures, battling exceptionally strong supervillains to defend the world’s population. Every character has their own set of powers and qualities that raise them to the metahuman level. However, in DC reality, there are certain variants that are even more powerful than their originals. Here’s a rundown of six of them:


1. Superboy-Prime:

One of the DC variants who is stronger than the original.
An alternate version of Superman, Superboy-Prime.

In his lifetime, Superman has encountered a slew of deadly opponents. Superboy-Prime was an exception including that group. Superboy-Prime was Earth-Prime’s Clark Kent and the universe’s sole superpowered individual. Superboy-Prime possessed the absurd superpowers of a pre-Crisis Kryptonian since this was the pre-Crisis DC Multiverse. Before his initial defeat, he crossed into the post-Crisis DC Universe besides Alexander Luthor, Earth-2 Superman, and Lois Lane, and brutalized Conner Kent and the united Teen Titans, Justice Society, and Doom Patrol. He was potent enough to easily move planets, and his abilities made him a terrifying opponent.


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2. The Batman Who Laughs:

One of the DC variant who is stronger than the original.
The evil counterpart of Batman within the dark multiverse.

Amongst the most fearsome creatures in the DC multiverse is the Batman Who Laughs. In fact, he is so powerful that he has established his own universe. This omnipotent and virtually all-powerful entity originated from the Dark Multiverse and is arguably Batman’s most lethal foe. The Batman Who Laughs inherited the abilities of Doctor Manhattan, a god-like character in his own capacity, permitting him to control mass and energy, as well as observe time and space on a scale that only a few characters in DC Comics can appreciate.


3. Wally West:

One of the DC variant who is stronger than the original.
The best variant of Flash, Wally West.

The best Flash to date is widely perceived to be Wally West. And even if some people don’t feel so, no one can doubt that he is the most powerful. He learned how to wield his talents from the finest speedsters of all time, Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Johnny Quick, and Max Mercury, and his command of the Speed Force is unrivaled. His application of the Force has always been unique, and he possesses abilities that no one else does. He’s the fastest speedster in history, having to learn to overcome enemies with powers no other speedster has ever faced  He’s the ideal Flash and the one who genuinely upgraded the Scarlet Speedster.

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4. Earth 43 Catwoman:

One of the DC variant who is stronger than the original.
The werewolf Catwoman.

Catwoman on Earth 43 is also a werewolf, rendering her among the most formidable incarnations of the character in the comics. She possesses incredible strength, agility, and reflexes, making her a real threat to her universe’s Batman. In Batman: Bloodstorm, this variant of Catwoman is transformed into a werewolf by a vampire called Creech. Despite her vow not to succumb to her thirst, she possesses a bloodlust that leaves her volatile and deadly.

5. Lois Lane in the Dark Multiverse:

One of the DC variant who is stronger than the original.
Lois Lane from the Dark multiverse.

After Doomsday killed the Man of Steel in one universe of the Dark Multiverse, Lois’ love twisted to grief and hate. She united with the Eradicator, obtaining his Kryptonian abilities, and went on a mission to safeguard the planet in Superman’s place. Her rage then turned her become a much more ruthless superhero than Superman. Lois went after Cyborg Superman for betraying Superman’s heritage, only for the actual one to resurface and see what she’d turned into. Regrettably, she killed him again unintentionally, making him just another casualty of the poison within her.


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6. Last Knight On Earth’s Joker:

One of the DC variant who is stronger than the original.
Batman and Joker in Last Knight On Earth.

Writer Scott Snyder and illustrator Greg Capullo cast Batman into a grim dystopia in Last Knight On Earth. The chopped head of the Joker was his primary companion there. The two formed an unexpected alliance, and Joker finally agreed to face Omega with Batman and the other heroes. He was issued a cyborg body to do so. Although the Joker in a mechanical body is already a terrifying thought, this incarnation of the Joker wanted to be the new Robin and assist. He fought well, harnessing the body’s mechanical prowess to aid his former adversary in combat. This variant of Joker was much more powerful than the original character.


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