‘DCU will be connected across film and TV (and animation)’: DC CEO James Gunn Confirms DCU and DCAU Will Merge, Spells Death For Separate Animated Universe Continuity

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James Gunn and Peter Safran stepped up to take leadership positions at the DC Studios in late October. Ever since the duo has taken over the studios fans are ecstatic to see what the next few years for the DCU look like, especially since one-half of the team has already proven himself with Peacemaker, which received an incredible score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.

James Gunn
James Gunn

While there was confusion about where the DCU was headed ever since the two joined the team, James Gunn has revealed quite a few insights into what the future of the superhero universe looks like and fans cannot be more excited. The excitement stems off mostly because he has confirmed the connections between films and TV in DCU, including animation.

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James Gunn Reveals DCU’s Future

Reasons Justice League is the best series
Justice League from DCAU

Twitter, the place which made it easier for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities, recently saw James Gunn replying to fan tweets. While doing this, he revealed quite a few plans he and Peter Safran have for the future of DCU. When a fan asked Gunn whether the universe will have more character-based TV shows, adding to the overall story of DCU, Gunn replied in an affirmative. Not only that but the superhero universe will also be connected to the DC Animated Universe.

Other things have also been confirmed by the Guardians of the Galaxy director. For starters, not only TV, films, and animation will all be linked to one another, but so will video games. Gunn also stated that there will still be some standalone projects, both live-action, and animation, which take place in different worlds. Meaning, that not all of DCU’s projects will be linked to one another, some will have a story of their own.


While replying to a fan’s tweet asking about another DC character, Booster Gold, Gunn stated that this character was the most requested by fans. He, however, added that while he wasn’t going to create stories based on a public vote, the idea was fascinating to him. Maybe he will be keeping it in his mind for future DCU endeavors.

Interestingly, Booster was the most requested character when I asked people on Mastodon what character they’d most like to see on screen. I’m not creating stories by public vote, but I found it fascinating nevertheless.”

One thing which Gunn and Safran won’t be taking responsibility for in their reign is the DC comics. Replying to a fan asking whether the studios will have a hand in publishing comics, Gunn’s reply was negative. While he stated that he is a huge comic book fan and would love to help push more people toward reading the comics, he and Safran aren’t in charge. They only look over the filmed part of DC entertainment.

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Fans Plea: Please Don’t Be Like The MCU

James Gunn FandomWire
James Gunn

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Amidst the buzz revolving around Gunn’s tweets to his fans, came quite a bit of worry from some – don’t let these decisions lead the DCU into becoming like its rival universe, MCU. Fans shared their worries stating that the DC Universe might be headed off into following Marvel’s footsteps. A user stated that discrete stories is one of the things that DCU holds over Marvel and that while Gunn can create a connected world, he shouldn’t try to outdo Marvel.

Since Gunn has also confirmed that he would be writing and directing a few of DC’s projects, it’s interesting to think about what the superhero universe is going to look like in the near future. He stated that little more information about these plans might be revealed even before the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con. Looks like fans will get to know more about DCU’s upcoming plans, in the near future!


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