Deadpool 3: Patrick Stewart Reportedly Returns to Play Professor X, Fans Convinced Wade Will Diss The Wise Old Oak for Ridiculous Doctor Strange 2 Death

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced the multiverse with its multi-millionaire grandiose movies of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Following the buyout of 20th Century Fox by Disney, the way has been paved for teams such as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to make their MCU debut. Deadpool too, although not exactly a mutant, already has his third movie in the early processes.

X-men still marks the spot for Patrick Stewart
X-men still marks the spot for Patrick Stewart

Deadpool 3 has begun its way to showing its audience the brilliance of its comedic and dark tones set by both Wade Wilson and the actor who very enthusiastically plays him. Although no news has been released or leaked with regard to its script or otherwise, some sources say that the movie might be bringing back some mainstream mutants back in the game.

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Deadpool: A Generation Of The X-Men

The mutants have long been confirmed to exist in the MCU, starting from the Scarlet Witch herself, WandaVision revealed a boatload of lore on us and with it gave us a mutant Wanda Maximoff; as well as Ms. Marvel’s title character Kamala Khan. Going a bit forward in the timeline, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness not only gave us Reed Richards brutally destroyed but also gave us none other than Patrick Stewart‘s Charles Xavier, aka, Professor X.

Unarguably a very ‘cracking’ cameo, Patrick Stewart reclaimed the yellow chair and his mind-bending character with the wisdom and vigor he portrays with it. Even with the unfortunate ending, that the Scarlet Witch made him meet, some sources say that he is likely to reprise the role in the third installment of Deadpool alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Charles Xavier
Charles Xavier as a cameo in Doctor Strange 2

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X-Men and Their MCU Debut

Even with the rollercoaster relationship between Deadpool and the mutants, Patrick Stewart may be in talks to take back his role. The dark comedy could be the perfect platform for his character to find a place seeing that mutants have often found themselves cameoing in the first two movies. Starting with the hilarious Wolverine banter and going on with Colossus dealing with Wade’s immature behavior. To witness all of it, Disney+ has both movies including Once Upon A Deadpool, waiting to be watched and laughed at multiple times.

Not only that but, Charles Xavier’s School For Special Children has already been in the movies. Disney’s merging with Fox has given the MCU a bigger direction to drift into. Deadpool himself is a fan favorite character and Ryan Reynolds as well cannot mesmerize us more with how astonishingly he brings the character’s charisma.

Professor X a more accurate portrayal
Patrick Stewart – Professor X

In the script, although not yet disclosed, the actor could either be seen playing his iconic character or be seen as Patrick Stewart himself. The unraveling of the multiverse can make room for a cosmic level of ideas flowing through the creators.


The Introduction of the Colossal Ideas in Deadpool 3

The expanding multiverse and the lack of a fourth wall both clash perfectly in the world of the chaotically brutal character in red. Perhaps we would get to see a more humorous approach towards the character besides the impactful acting which is usually seen from the actor.

Professor X Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart as Professor X

Professor X’s death scene might not have been his final appearance in the franchise and with the course of the X-Men movies usually lead by James McAvoy’s version of the character, Stewart’s part in it could be much anticipated.

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