Deadpool 3 Reportedly Shows Wade Wilson Jumping Timelines Through TVA to Leave X-Men Universe Once and For All

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Deadpool is the dark horse from the plethora of superheroes from Marvel Comics that everyone likes, except his victims, of course. The motor mouth mutant gained popularity with Ryan Reynold’s depiction of him in the Deadpool films by 20th Century Fox Studios and has been rolling in praises and admiration from the fans of superheroes films who got bored from the same PG-13 flicks from the MCU and the DCU.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds wearing the Deadpool suit

After the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney, it was just a matter of how long was it going to take for the entertainment behemoth to incorporate the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and our beloved red-clad mercenary into the MCU. And after we got the announcement that Deadpool 3 hitting the cinemas in the future, the more important question was how was it going to happen.

Deadpool Will Jump Timelines In The Upcoming Film!

Deadpool and Wolverine face-off in X-Men Origins
Deadpool and Wolverine face-off in X-Men Origins

The news might not come as such a major revelation if you had been paying attention to what was happening in the MCU recently. With an absolute reality-shattering chain of events going off like closely-placed landmines, we have been repeatedly reminded that the universe is way crazier than was previously depicted in the MCU. From alternate timelines and a myriad of universes all existing in the unknown Abyss of the reality we know, it has been, to put it lightly, an absolute bat*hit.


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And then, comes Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool 3, where the audience will witness Wade Wilson jumping into the madness of the Multiverse, escaping from the X-Men Universe created by 20th Century Fox. This news was further substantiated by the claim that the TVA will be involved in his shenanigans. As we have seen previously in Loki, the TVA has authority over the multiverse and its flow of time thanks to the One Who Remains, a variant of Kang The Conquerer, which clearly makes them the most plausible catalyst for Wade Wilson’s arrival in the MCU.


Fans just can’t keep it to themselves when they hear such wonderful news, and yet again, they have taken to Twitter to either rejoice or dread the information.



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What To Expect From Deadpool 3?

Hugh Jackman FandomWire
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are all set to reprise their roles in Deadpool 3

It has already been confirmed that Hugh Jackman has been called back to reprise his most iconic role of Logan a.k.a The Wolverine, with additional information stating that the events of this film will take place before the events of Logan. So naturally, a multiversal jump seems like the most plausible explanation that Marvel Studios might use to introduce Deadpool to the MCU! All we ask is that the film remains R-Rated…

Oh Wait, Kevin Feige gave us that as well!


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Deadpool 3, in cinemas on November 8th, 2024

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