Death Relives Is An Upcoming First-Person Horror Game With a Twist On Aztec Mythology

Death Relives gets PlayStation announcement teaser featuring the menacing Aztec God, Xipe Totec

Death Relives Is An Upcoming First-Person Horror Game With a Twist On Aztec Mythology


  • Death Relives gets PlayStation announcement teaser.
  • Game features Adrian, a teenager chased by an Aztec God.
  • Death Relives is also coming to PC through Steam and Epic Games.
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Announced over a year ago for PC, Death Relives has now received a teaser announcing the game’s release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles as well. Billed as a mythological survival horror game, Death Relives has not received a confirmed release date yet, but can now be wish-listed on Steam for PC.


Back in December of last year, Nyctophile Studios released a statement predicting a 2023 release for the game, without much assurance. The game now looks close to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles early next year.

With Halloween right around the corner, many more games centered around the horror genre are expected to give gamers several options to enjoy.


Death Relives Gets PlayStation 5 Announcement Teaser

The mighty Aztec God Xipe Totec will be seen chasing a teenager, and protagonist, Adrian
The mighty Aztec God Xipe Totec will be seen chasing teenager and protagonist, Adrian

An announcement teaser of the game Death Relives for PlayStation has got fans genuinely looking forward to the game, even though it’s not a PlayStation exclusive.

The teaser itself features footage captured on a PC, not on a PlayStation 5, which is one of the platforms the game is releasing to early next year.

Featuring no dialog, the teaser features the protagonist, a teenager named Adrian, trapped in what looks like an old mansion, trying to find a way out. Playing through Adrian’s point of view, the teaser also shows an Aztec God, teased until the end when the mighty figure is seen standing tall.


Not much is given away in the teaser and since Halloween is just a few days away, a full trailer might be released revealing more details about the game and system requirements.

Based out of Turkey, Nyctophile Studios have big goals for the future, beyond their first project, Death Relives. The studio has made use of the latest tech for the game which includes Unreal Engine 5, aiming to give the users the best possible experience while playing the horror game.


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The Aztec deity Xipe Totec’s appearance in the teaser has got fans hooked as they wait to get more details about the game.

Back in August during Gamescom, the studio revealed a full-scale image of the Aztec deity and the protagonist’s artwork to drop a hint that the game will have the players solving puzzles, while being chased by the deity and his priests.


Haunting Gameplay Reveals Death Relives’ Visual Appeal

Death Relives looks visually brilliant in the haunting teaser revealed in Dec 2022
Death Relives looks visually brilliant in the haunting teaser revealed in Dec 2022.

That revelation was later followed by a teaser of gameplay from the game showing the protagonist hiding from Xipe Totec, with a haunting version of Jingle Bells playing in the background.

Adrian is seen hiding in a closet as Totec hunts for him outside. Totec comes close to the closet in which Adrian is hiding and says “everything has a cost, Adrian!” before walking away.


Guided by what looks like a tracker on his wrist, and on the lookout for a way out, the teenager Adrian is seen wandering an old mansion and facing a spirit on the way.

After escaping the spirit, Adrian is then seen running back to a closet and being chased by Totec, but once inside, Totec smashes the door open and lands a punch, ending the teaser.

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With the usual ingredients of a horror game that includes creepy and increasingly haunting music with jump scares, Death Relives looks promising.

Apart from the much-awaited Alan Wake 2, releasing on the 27th of this month, which is bound to be the scariest game coming out this year, there are several other games as well coming out this Halloween.

Slender: The Arrival is coming out on the 18th of October, while Dementium: The Ward, another highly anticipated title, coming out on the 12th of this month.


Other notable titles include The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, which released to the Switch on the 5th of October, and Sunshine Manor to Switch October 6th.

Are you looking forward to Death Relives? Which survival horror game do you have lined up to play over Halloween later this month? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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