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We know that Death Stranding 2 is on the way after it was announced at the 2022 Game Awards. And it was Hideo Kojima himself who confirmed this giving fans an initial look at the project with a reveal trailer which although didn’t give much away, certainly whetted the appetite of fans.


But in a recent interview, Kojima gave further details on the sequel to the 2019 title and even touched on the Death Stranding film which is in the works.

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Death Stranding 2 details – what do we know?

Death Stranding 2
Are you excited to see Norman Reedus return in Death Stranding 2?

In his interview Hideo Kojima confirmed that the storyline for Death Stranding 2 was written before the pandemic hit in early 2020 and also that due to the pandemic, he had to re-write some parts of the story. It looks like due to lockdowns and the limits of human interaction during these periods, (which seem like a lifetime ago!), that Kojima thought differently about what direction the sequel to DS should take.

And Hideo Kojima has always stated that his game stands in genre of it’s own and describing it as the world’s first ‘strand’ game. Also with the planned Death Stranding film in the works, this would see it is as the first ‘strand’ film.  And on the subject of the pandemic and ‘strands’, he had the following to say;

“Isolation and division are ongoing, and the world is changing dramatically. And while we can’t go back to our original world, we have reconsidered “connection,” and the meaning of “strand” has changed in DS2. At the end of the teaser, “Should We Have Connected?” That’s what I want to convey in 2.”

And on the subject of the Death Stranding film being developed, Kojima had the following to say;


“Yes, if it’s going to be made into a movie, I want it to be unique to the movie, so I’m going to make it completely different. I think you’ll be a little surprised, and your tastes will be divided.”

Death Stranding 2 – fan reactions

Death Stranding 2
Hideo Kojima’s vision for Death Stranding definitely changed with the impact of the pandemic

The latest news sparked debate on social media and fans on Twitter appear to be in favour of Death Stranding 2;

“I’m a little concerned about it changing to be more approachable by a wider audience, but it’s still Kojima at the end of the day. It’s bound to be strange enough that I’m ultimately still happy with it. I didn’t expect a sequel to be made, so I’ll just roll with whatever comes.”

However it seems not all players were a fan of the original game;

“Death stranding wasn’t for me and I really wanted to like it – tried it for 3 hours, got bored and had to move on.”

I can’t get excited for this, not after death stranding 1″

Death Stranding 2


In a recent interview, Hideo Kojima gave more insight into Death Stranding 2But what’s your thoughts on the news about Death Stranding 2? Were you a fan of the original game and are looking forward to the sequel? And what’s your thoughts about the planned Death Stranding film? Get in touch, drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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