“Death Stranding Part 2 is like The Godfather Part 2”: Ominous Signs for Norman Reedus’ Protagonist if Godfather Comparison Ring’s True

Fatih Akin heaps high praise on Death Stranding 2 by comparing it to The Godfather 2.

"Death Stranding Part 2 is like The Godfather Part 2": Ominous Signs for Norman Reedus' Protagonist if Godfather Comparison Ring's True


  • Death Stranding 2 voice actor Fatih Akin compares the game to The Godfather 2.
  • He made these statements in the returning HideoTube series which features Death Stranding 2 voice actors.
  • Fans are left worrying that Sam Bridges might have to go through stuff as bad as Michael Corleone.
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Death Stranding 2 is set for a 2025 release date but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating what to expect in the game. Now, director Fatih Akin of Soul Kitchen fame has stirred up more fan theories with his comments on the game.


Fatih Akin plays the new ventriloquist dummy that is carried by Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges. But after Farih’s comments on how he found the gameplay and experience, fans are expecting the protagonist of the Death Stranding franchise to have a rather tough time on screen.

Fatih Akin said that the game Death Standing 2 is in multiple ways similar to The Godfather 2. And this has fans convinced that the signs do not look good for Sam Bridges.


High Praise From Fatih Akin

Death Stranding 2 Sam Bridges

Hideo Kojima, the director of Death Stranding 2, has brought back his series ‘HideoTube’ that features a number of voice actors from the sets of the game. One of them is Fatih Akin who plays the ventriloquist dummy that Sam carries around his waist.

Fatih emphatically launches into a comparison of Death Stranding 2 with The Godfather 2. He says,

If Godfather is a great film, the first part, and when the Godfather 2 came, you never thought that after such a great film, you cannot make a better second part. And it was better, Godfather 2, and I have the same impression of Death Stranding. I really love the first part of it, but Death Stranding Part 2 is like The Godfather Part 2. This will be better, even better.

While he didn’t exactly give away anything that wasn’t already shown in the trailer of the game, his lofty comparison has led fans to speculate. Going by the fate of Michael Corleone in the critically acclaimed movie, fans are already concerned regarding the fate that Sam Bridges is going to endure in the new entry of the Death Stranding franchise.


What to Expect From Death Stranding 2?

Death Stranding 2 poster

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach features Norman Reedus’ Sam Bridges going up against his old adversary Troy Baker’s Higgs Monaghan. This sheds some light on Higgs’ fate after the incidents of Death Stranding.

On the Beach shows Sam working with his companions to save humanity from the brink of extinction, even outside the UCA. In a world full of otherworldly forces and enemies, Death Stranding 2 promises to be a gamer’s delight.

And director Fatih Akin has just rekindled the already blazing rumors surrounding the game with his comments. All that remains to be seen is when the game will be released.


While no concrete release date has been announced as of yet, the game is scheduled to come to consoles next year, fans are already getting impatient to get their hand on the much-awaited sequel of Hideo Kojima’s first title.

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