Deku’s Lack of a Quirk Might Be the Only Reason why the My Hero Academia Character Never Turned Into a Villain

Fan Theory Suggests That Deku Would Have Become A Villain If He Had Born With a Quirk.

Deku's Lack of a Quirk Might Be the Only Reason why the My Hero Academia Character Never Turned Into a Villain


  • Thanks to its protagonist Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, My Hero Academia has grown to be one of the greatest anime and manga series.
  • His natural goodness and sense of responsibility often allow him to see potential for redemption in everyone, even in his adversaries.
  • However, a theory contends that Deku would have taken a completely different route if he had been born with a quirk.
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My Hero Academia has become one of the best anime and manga series because of its main character Izuku Midoriya also known as Deku, and his resilience and determination to be the hero who could save the world. Similar to numerous other anime heroes, Deku serves as a ray of hope for his allies. 

Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia
Izuku Midoriya in My Hero Academia

Because of his innate goodness and sense of duty, he frequently finds room for salvation in everyone, including his enemies. However, many can say that this desire to help everyone and save everyone not only rose from his idol All Might, but also from the fact that in the beginning, he was also a helpless individual with no quirks. 

Having no quirk and being hopeless can be the cause of why he wants to help every helpless person he sees and save them from danger. And when he finally got a quirk, he got a chance to prove himself and become the ultimate hero of the world. But a theory suggests that if Deku had been born with a quirk, he would have gone on a different path altogether.


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Deku’s Urge to Help Others in My Hero Academia

As shown in the beginning of the story of My Hero Academia, Deku was born quirkless, and not only did he feel bad for himself, but he was also bullied for it. He felt the despair and pain of a person who gets involved in a situation where he can do nothing and that further developed the desire in him to help others.

Deku’s urge to help others became a contrasting side to the main antagonist of My Hero Academia: Tomura Shigaraki, who just wanted to destroy everything. Deku being quirkless not only gave him the desire to help others, but it also helped him learn about other heroes, villains, and their quirks. Thus he carried with him a vast knowledge of all the heroes and their quirks.

Izuku Midoriya (Deku)
Izuku Midoriya (Deku)

However, a theory suggests that if Deku had been born with a quirk, there is a high chance he would have turned into a villain and would have either joined hands with Shigaraki or gotten involved with All for One and helped him in his evil mission.

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Deku Would Have Been a Villain If He Was Born With a Quirk

A popular fan theory has surfaced on the internet which states that if Deku had been born with a quirk in My Hero Academia, he would have become a villain in the first place. If Deku had been born with a quirk, it’s a great possibility that he would have obtained the combination of the quirk of his parents.

deku in dark hero arc
Deku in the Dark Hero arc

According to Deku’s mother, she had the quirk to pull small objects towards herself and his father could breathe fire. If Deku had received the combination of the quirk, he would have had the ability to light fire on small things, which in reality is not a quirk worth becoming a hero.

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This would have triggered Deku who wanted to become a hero, and his desire to become a hero would have been changed into resentment because of failing. This would have surely diverted him to the wrong path and he would have joined either Shigaraki or All for One and would have helped him in achieving his evil plan in My Hero Academia.


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