Demon Slayer Fans, Hashira Training Arc is the Honeymoon Period: Only 2 Hashiras Survive What’s Coming Next

In the wake of the Hashira Training Arc, fans of Demon Slayer are not prepared for what lies ahead!

demon slayer hashira training arc


  • The Hashira Training Arc's episode 1 foreshadows the battle at the Infinity Castle.
  • The 4th season feels calm as the series prepares the viewers for the next arc.
  • After the battle with Demon King Muzan, only 2 Hashiras survive.
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Demon Slayer fans are enjoying life as they have been waiting for a long time to watch the fourth season of the show. The Arc is everything that the fans have been expecting ever since the third season ended with a cliffhanger, leaving them wanting more. The first episode of the new season has been aired and glad to say Ufotable has done a phenomenal job in adapting Koyoharu Gotouge’s iconic manga while setting up what is yet to come.

A still from Demon Slayer
Tanjiro in Demon Slayer

As fans know, the nine Hashiras are humanity’s last hope when the vicious demons rule the night. However, it is no easy task, as one must either kill 50 demons or defeat one of Muzan’s Demon Moons. However, most of them meet an untimely death, that said the series is preparing its viewers for what is yet to come.



After The Hashira Training Arc, What’s Next For Demon Slayer

As the first episode of the 4th season of Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer began, it showcased how demon activity ceased after the events of the third season. However, a nighttime mission featuring Obanai and Sanemi showcases how some demons continue to terrorize the population.

The Hashira Training Arc is the calm before the storm as The Infinity Castle Arc is up next
A still from Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc | Credit: Ufotable

As the two Hashiras continued their mission, they encountered a pack of demons in a ruined castle. The saga hints to its fans about the Infinity Castle Arc, that is the Demon Slayer Corps conducting a raid at Demon King Muzan’s secret hideout.

Meanwhile, Shinobu is trying her level best to figure out how Nezuko overcame the demons’ weakness against sunlight. The Hashira learn about what the Demon Slayer mark is, which is accounted for by only three people, that is, Tanjiro, Tokito, and Kanjori.


The series hints to its fans that this season is going to be a relaxing one because the real massacre is going to take place in The Infinity Castle Arc, and each Hashira must bring their A-game to win the long-standing battle against the Demon King.

Why Does The Hashira Training Arc Feel Like a Calm Before The Storm

The Infinity Castle Arc in Demon Slayer is going to be one of the best and most entertaining arcs in the series, which is divided into two sub-arcs. The Demon Slayer Corps have finally decided to take care of Muzan Kibutsui. The first arc showcases some of the most entertaining battles between the Hashiras and the Upper Moons.

A still from the 4th Season of Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc

Naturally, some of the most hated demons meet their end, but at the same time have their tragic backstories revealed, providing some much-needed closure. The upcoming saga will feature a ton of mesmerizing fights such as Obanai and Mitsuri versus Nakime, Tanjiro and Giyu versus Akaza, Shinobu versus Doma, and many more.


But the key highlight of the fight would be how Kokushibo, the Upper Moon 1, will finally enter the battle against Sanemi, Muichiro, Genya, and Gyomei. However, the series’ most iconic battle would feature the most casualties because out of the 7 Hashiras, only two returned.

The battle at the Infinity Castle was indeed the most devastating as a lot of fan-favorite characters met their end during the great battle. However, Giyu persevered as he lost an arm and got his sword broken, but he kept his promise of protecting Tanjiro until the very end.

After his battle in entertainment arc, Tengen decided to retire early
Tengen, the flashy Sound Hashira

He even stopped him from becoming a victim of the Demon Slayer Mark, which cursed him to die by his 25th birthday. Another survivor of the great battle was Sanemi. Though he barely managed to survive by the grace of his father, during the arc, he took on Kokushibo with Genya, Gyomei, and Muichiro.


While he landed the finishing blow on the Upper Moon 1, in the process, he took some serious injuries that forced him to pass out during the fight against Muzan. He faced the choice of going to Heaven or Hell with his mother, but his father’s spirit visited him and forced him back to life.

The 5 Fallen Hashiras died peacefully in their last moments, leaving fans in tears as they drew their last breath.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba Hashira Training Arc can be streamed on Netflix.



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