Demon Slayer Spin Off Manga Confirms End as Hashira Training Arc’s Film Dominates the Box Office

Fans will miss Tanjiro as a high-schooler.

Demon Slayer Spin Off Manga Confirms End as Hashira Training Arc's Film Dominates the Box Office


  • Kimetsu Gakuen, a Demon Slayer spin-off manga by Natsuki Hokami, is ending on March 4, 2024, with chapter 30 and the retailers have already listed it.
  • Kimetsu Gakuen follows the story of Kimetsu Academy with all the major characters in and as professors and students.
  • Apart from Kimetsu Gakuen, the recent Demon Slayer movie is dominating the box office, grossing over $30.5 million on its first weekend.
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Demon Slayer is doing a pretty good job with the anime. The Hashira Training arc is dominating the box office, with season 4 going to be premiering soon. The fans were eagerly waiting for the anime’s return, especially after Nezuko returned to his human self. But amidst such great developments, Kimetsu Gakuen, the Demon Slayer spin-off manga, is ending soon.


Kimetsu Gakuen is a great spin-off, considering how it featured all the crucial characters in a comic sense. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – the manga ended almost four years ago, on May 18, 2020. Since then, fans have been eager to see the anime adaptation. But before they can have their wish fulfilled, the spin-off manga is also on its last stretch, with the final chapter scheduled for March 4, 2024.

Kimetsu Gakuen Is Ending Soon

kimetsu gakuen
Kimetsu Gakuen

Kimetsu Gakuen is the spin-off manga of Demon Slayer. The story follows the characters from the Demon Slayer manga, working as professors and students at the Kimetsu Academy. Their everyday life is full of chaos. Kimetsu Gakuen began a year after the manga’s ending, August 4, 2021. But now it is coming to an end on March 4, 2024. Even though the series is based on the popular characters from Koyoharu Gotouge’s magnum opus, he is not the author.


Kimetsu Gakuen is written by Natsuki Hokami and is serialized by Saikyo Jump. Instead of the dark and action fantasy genre, the spin-off follows the comedy and school life genre. Currently, the series has 29 chapters, and the 30th will be the last chapter. Multiple retailers like Amazon have listed the final chapter and color page before its release. Kimetsu Gakuen is a popular spin-off, and the fans find it amusing to watch their favorite characters in completely different avatars.

nezuko and tanjiro in kimetsu gakuen
Nezuko and Tanjiro in Kimetsu Gakuen

Until now, the series has four volumes, and after the final chapter, it will most likely release the fifth and final volume. Characters like Sanemi, Muichiro, Tomioka Giyu, etc., appear to have strict personalities, but watching them as professors at the Kimetsu Academy is a great experience. Unfortunately, March 4, 2024, will be the last time the fans experience that feeling.


Demon Slayer Movie: The Roar of Victory Exceeded The Expectations

Apart from Kimetsu Gakuen, the franchise seems to be hitting off with its latest movie. Demon Slayer Movie: The Roar of Victory is the latest movie of the franchise to hit the theatres. However, the fans had fewer expectations from the movie since it was a recap movie. Half of it was the last couple of episodes from the Swordsmith Village arc, and half was from the Hashira Training arc. But after its release on February 2, 2024, it is dominating the box office.

demon slayer season 4 poster
Demon Slayer: The Roar of Victory

In the Japanese market, it earned more than 647 million Yen on its first weekend, which is equal to $4.35 million. It sold almost 443,700 tickets during that time. The movie had a worldwide release on February 23, 2024. In North America, it grossed over $12.8 million and $17.7 million in other countries. During its first weekend, it crossed the $30.5 million mark, leaving out the Japanese market.

If it continues at this pace, it will soon cross the $100 million mark. It might not break Demon Slayer Movie: Mugen Train’s record of grossing $507 million worldwide, but it can be the first massive hit anime movie of 2024. With Kimetsu Gakuen ending soon, the anime returning with season 4, and the movie dominating the box office, Demon Slayer is having a great year.

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