Despite Leaf Village Antagonizing Him, The 4th Hokage Stood by Naruto’s Side Even After the Nine-Tails was Sealed Within Him

Minato Wanted The Hidden Leaf Villagers To Look At Naruto as the Hero of The Village, Despite Being a Jinchuriki

Despite Leaf Village Antagonizing Him, The 4th Hokage Stood by Naruto’s Side Even After the Nine-Tails was Sealed Within Him


  • After Naruto Became The Jinchuriki, he had to go through a lot of struggles.
  • He was shunned by the villagers and was hated because of the Nine-Tails within him.
  • Only Minato wanted the people to not see a devil inside him, instead accept him as the hero of the village.
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Naruto’s struggle at the start of the series was one of the most saddening and emotional things fans saw during the beginning. He was hated in his village because he was a jinchuriki of the nine-tailed beast that attacked Konoha. Although the Nine-Tails is a powerful source of power, keeping him confined within was damaging to Naruto’s life in the village and his development as a ninja in a variety of ways. Even his birth was marred by tragedy since he not only became the jinchuriki on that fateful day but also lost his parents.


When he became the Jinchuriki, the leaf village instead of thanking him and supporting him, started antagonizing him because of the beast within him thinking that the nine tails may come back to destroy the entire village. And there was only one person who wanted to see him as a hero, and it was his father the Fourth Hokage.

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Naruto’s Struggles As a Jinchuriki

Naruto Uzumaki was born on the day that the Nine-Tails targeted the village. Minato opted to die beside his wife and utilize what little chakra he had left to split the Nine-Tails and seal it in his son after the beast was extracted from Kushina Uzumaki. Being a Jinchuriki had a significant impact on Naruto’s life, one of which was not knowing who his family was. Naruto had to live alone for the majority of his childhood as the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails. Naruto was despised by the people, and everyone despised him because he was the Jinchuriki.

Naruto's Struggles
Naruto’s Struggles

Naruto had to face a lot of insults and struggles because of his life as a jinchuriki, which was the exact opposite of what Minato wanted for his son. He asked them to view Naruto as a hero. Even though this is a request from the highly revered and recognized Fourth Hokage, only a few villagers comply, while the rest see Naruto with hostility.

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Minato Requested for the Villagers to see Naruto as a Hero

Minato had never intended for his son to have such a troubled life. While sealing the nine-tailed beast within Naruto, Minato truly asks the Hidden Leaf people to regard Naruto as a hero. When Minato noticed the Third Hokage nearby, he relayed to him a final request for the Konoha villagers: think of Naruto as a hero, not the container of the monster that caused so much death and ruin.

Minato and Kushina
Minato and Kushina

Not only Minato, but even Kushina spent her final minutes pleading with the Third Hokage to take care of Naruto and make him feel normal, but the exact opposite occurred, and Naruto spent most of his childhood alone, rejected by his community.

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