“I was already a big fan of…”: Even Naruto Creator is a Fan of One of the Most legendary Anime Plagued With Hiatuses

"I was already a big fan of...": Even Naruto Creator is a Fan of One of the Most legendary Anime Plagued With Hiatuses
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The manga industry is a big part of Japanese pop culture. In the 21st century, anime and manga became very popular and created many jobs in Japan. Manga has entertained people in Japan and all over the world.


Some manga authors, called mangakas, made very famous series that will be loved for a long time. Whether they write for boys or girls, young or adult, these mangakas made famous series that changed the industry.

Masashi Kishimoto
Masashi Kishimoto

Masashi Kishimoto is one of these famous manga artists. However, even though Kishimoto made the popular manga series Naruto, he is a huge fan of another legendary anime/manga that has a lot of breaks.


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Masashi Kishimoto Revealed Admiration for Hunter x Hunter Creator

In a 2009 interview with two famous manga creators, Masashi Kishimoto and Yoshihiro Togashi, during the 10th anniversary of Naruto, the two sat together for a chat. This interview was published in the Naruto 10th Anniversary Chronicle Book Mini and was translated to English by a fan.

Hunter x Hunter

During the interview, when the manga authors were asked about their first meeting, Masashi Kishimoto revealed that he had always been a huge fan of Togashi, even before they started working on Naruto. He said:


“Before I became a professional mangaka, I was already a big fan of Togashi-sensei, I was able to greet him at the Jump Festa but we have already met each other on several occasions because I knew well an assistant who worked in the same office as him, I received an invitation.”

Kishimoto said that he met Togashi at Jump Festa, but they had already met before because they both knew an assistant who worked in the same office and received an invitation. Further, Togashi added that they “went to eat Yakiniku.”

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Naruto Creator Learned Tips from YuYu Hakusho Creator to Improve His Work

Further in the same interview, the Naruto mangaka talked about having difficulties in creating his manga, so he wanted to reach out to Togashi in order to learn some tips to make it better. Kishimoto said:


“Yes. Well, during that time period I was having difficulty creating my manga. I thought I’d ask you for some tips sensei, the first time we met I was a little nervous but luckily Sensei was very nice to me which helped me get over my nervousness and allowed me ask a lot of questions. After dinner, he showed me his workshop, the cycle of creating a manga, how to have a good work atmosphere, and many other things.”

The creator of Hunter x Hunter: Yoshihiro Togashi
The creator of Hunter x Hunter: Yoshihiro Togashi

Masashi Kishimoto said that back then, he struggled with making his manga. The first time they met, he felt a bit nervous, but fortunately, “Togashi Sensei” was very kind, which helped him relax and ask many questions. Togashi also showed him his workspace, explained the manga creation process, creating a good work environment, and more, all of which helped him improve his manga work.

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Source: Yoshihiro Togashi x Masashi Kishimoto interview


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