Despite Thinking They Can’t Draw Women, Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen Has the Most Loved Female Characters

Jujutsu Kaisen has some of the most thought out women even though Gege Akutami believes they can't draw female characters

Despite Thinking They Can’t Draw Women, Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen Has the Most Loved Female Characters


  • Jujutsu Kaisen has no character with the same personality, each and every one of them having a sense of individuality.
  • Akutami thinks they cannot draw cute looking women and are insecure about this fact.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen has some of the most appreciated and liked female characters.
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Jujutsu Kaisen offers a range of characters many fawn over. They are fleshed out and elaborated upon. The characters have backstories and they hold meaning. No matter how minor a character may be, they leave some impression no matter what. Whether it is a character as fleshed out as Megumi or Itadori, or some minor character such as Noritoshi Kamo or Mai Zenin.

Nobara in Jujutsu Kaisen
Nobara in Jujutsu Kaisen

Gege Akutami has an artistry when it comes to creating characters. Some find their personality made before their appearance, others the other way round. The fact that no character is the same also stands out significantly. However, what may be heavily ironic in nature is how Akutami believes that they are incapable of drawing good female characters when all fans have for Jujutsu Kaisen’s female characters is praise.

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Gege Akutami Thinks They Cannot Draw Women

Gege Akutami has a range of characters second to none. They each stand out in their own way, no matter how similar their names may be at times. Yuta, Yuki, Yuji, Rika, and Riko; they may be confusing in terms of whose name it may be, but once a face is attached to that name, there is no denying that every character seems to have their own sense of individuality. However, what is interesting is how Akutami perceives their own drawing.

Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen’s Zenin Maki

According to a video by 2Spooky, Akutami thinks that they can never draw female characters that overtly fit the categories of cute or s*xy. No matter how much they try, the women drawn by the Jujutsu Kaisen mangaka don’t categorically fit the criteria that would solidify them by their looks. Ironically enough, it is exactly that trait that readers and viewers throughout the world appreciate massively. The world of manga and anime is so used to being surrounded by various clouded perceptions of women that some might often forget to appreciate art in ways that Akutami presents.

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Jujutsu Kaisen has the Most Interesting Women

Jujutsu Kaisen has no shortage of female characters. Zenin Maki, Kugisaki Nobara, Mei Mei, Zenin Mai, Amanai Riko, Shoko Ieiri, and Yuki Tsumoko, the list of characters that Gege Akutami has made aside from male and other gendered characters is just as big as one would think. To think that the mangaka cannot draw cute women would be most definitely an arguable statement considering the popularity of these characters.

Shoko Ieiri

They are fleshed out, they have personalities, they have an individuality to themself and their empowerment does not take away from their characterization as people. This is something Masashi Kishimoto faced criticism for because in Naruto the female characters felt like a means to progress the story in some or the other manner. However, Jujutsu Kaisen has no such criticism because the characters are most definitely beautiful to look at but even their personalities and individual strengths help them become better characters.

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