“Did he beat the allegations?”: Positive Jonathan Majors Update in Loki Season 2 Has Tom Hiddleston Fans Scratching Their Heads

Positive Jonathan Majors Update in Loki Season 2 Has Tom Hiddleston Fans Scratching Their Heads
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According to new reports following the release of the Loki season two trailer, the embattled actor Jonathan Majors is officially set to return as Kang the Conqueror in the highly appreciated series. Despite being arrested in the spring for alleged assault and was supposed to begin his trial by September, the actor is currently making headlines for his return in Loki

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors

Irrespective of the controversy surrounding Jonathan Majors, the actor will appear prominently in Loki’s second season. Evidently, this report has bewildered Tom Hiddleston’s fans, and netizens have been questioning the update for his legal proceedings. 

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Jonathan Majors Will Officially Appear In Loki Season 2

After previously making headlines for being arrested due to alleged assault, the controversial star Jonathan Majors had been keeping shut, all this while. With the lack of updates surrounding his legal proceedings, which were to happen in September, netizens were totally bewildered after Loki season 2 dropped its trailer featuring Majors. 

Loki season 2
Loki season 2 dropped its first trailer

Giving a surprising peek at Kang, the character played by embattled actor Jonathan Majors, the MCU series Loki, perplexed its fans over the actor’s involvement. Despite the controversy surrounding him, Majors featured in much of the marketing for the new season of Loki, which hits Disney+ in October. 

Loki season 2
Loki season 2 trailer confirmed appearance of Majors as Kang

Although Marvel Studios remained quiet on the entire matter, and left fans wondering about Majors’ future with the franchise, they definitely mentioned in how many episodes audiences can find Kang. According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the actor will appear in about half of the episodes of Loki season 2. 


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Fans Are Concerned About Jonathan Majors’ Legal Case 

This recent update regarding Jonathan Majors’ appearance in Loki season 2 has completely confused fans about his future with the franchise. Not just that, it has also made netizens question the updates of his court proceedings after he was arrested for a domestic dispute in which a 30-year-old woman sustained minor injuries. 

Jonathan Majors is a renowned Marvel actor
Jonathan Majors‘ appearance in Loki season 2 trailer perplexed fans

Jonathan Majors previously denied any wrongdoings, however, he was supposed to begin his trial on September 6. Thus, following the Loki season 2 updates, Tom Hiddleston‘s fans are simply concerned about the controversial star’s involvement in the project and how it might impact the highly appreciated show’s viewership. 



While Jonathan Majors’ appearance in Loki season 2 has been confirmed, updates surrounding his court proceedings and innocence are yet to be reported. 


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