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“Did I kill somebody?”: Jackie Chan Beat Up 7 People After They Tried to Pick a Fight With Him, Ran Away From the Place With Bloody Shoes in Absolute Fear

“Did I kill somebody?”: Jackie Chan Beat Up 7 People After They Tried to Pick a Fight With Him, Ran Away From the Place With Bloody Shoes in Absolute Fear

Jackie Chan always delights fans with comedic timing in his action movies but also amazes them with his incredible skills in martial arts. Years of training and discipline have given the actor many opportunities to show the world what a versatile performer he is, but the road to success was not as flawless as the way he kicks his enemies.

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

When he was just at the early start of his career as a stuntman, Chan had the chance to work with the legendary Bruce Lee. Unfortunately, the Game of Death star passed away, leaving a huge dent in the action movie industry. Chan was also left with no work.

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Jackie Chan Reveals Taking Down 7 People In Front Of A Hotel

In an interview via George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, Rush Hour actor Jackie Chan shared his personal stories and escapades as a stuntman. When he lost his job after action films declined in popularity following the death of Bruce Lee, he went back to Australia with nothing to do.

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When the host asked if he ever wished someone would mess with him just so he could brush up on his moves again, he replied in the affirmative. Chan explained:

Yes, terrible, terrible experience for myself. You know, three of us, we’re walking on the street. Suddenly, we see seven people with bicycles. I just pointed, ‘Ah, one day, I’m gonna get a bicycle.’ They turned around and said some dirty words.”

Jackie Chan The Protector 3
Jackie Chan

Chan revealed that the incident ended in a skirmish where the seven people who picked a fight with him and his brothers, who were also martial artists, were all down on the ground. After the chaotic duel in front of the Hilton Hotel, they ran far away from the spot. The actor recalled:

After the fight, we ran. Then my shoes, I looked, all blood in my shoes. They went to the store to buy a pair of jeans, then went back to Hilton’s, they’re standing up watching. You see huge people surrounded… I was shaking. ‘Did I kill somebody?’

The Tuxedo actor went home with swollen hands and a white thing that looked like a bone coming out from the skin. He refused to go to the hospital, and two days later, it started to stink. He tried to push the bone, and there was water with blood. The “white thing” popped out, and he realized it was somebody’s tooth.


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Why Jackie Chan Uses A Lot Of Comedy On His Action Flicks

Jackie Chan Drunken Master
Jackie Chan

In the same interview with George Stroumboulopoulos, the Hong Kong star shared his philosophy in making movies. Most of Jackie Chan’s projects lean towards the action-comedy genre, and more often than not, they are all family-friendly. He stated:

I like action, but I hate violence, so all those years, I tried to put a lot of comedy with all action. So I hope the audience sees the action, [imitates laughing], forget all the violent things.”

He said that the choice to make his movies accessible to all ages taught him how to become a good filmmaker. Making people laugh while beating bad guys on the screen is indeed an incredibly tough job, and Jackie Chan has been seamlessly doing this for decades.

Source: George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight

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