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“Did Kevin Feige Threaten Him?”: Moon Knight Director Says There Are No Plans for Second Season After Confirming It’s Happening a Few Days Back

Recently Moon Knight season 2 received another shocking future update. The sixth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the season follows the lead of Marc Spector played by Oscar Isaac, a patient living with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). It didn’t take long for Moon Knight to gather strong viewership and reviews, with critics praising the actor’s performance and the show’s idea of handling mental health issues.

Moon Knight Season 1, Marc Spector
Moon Knight Season 1, Marc Spector

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The director Mohamed Diab and the actor himself previously teased the series’ return. The director recently shared a TikTok video showing him and the actor, in which they responded to a user asking them about a potential season 2. And this hyped up a possible second season for the fans.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Receives Shocking Update From Director

Mohamed Diab gives new Season 2 updates
Mohamed Diab gives new Season 2 updates

Recently, the director took to Twitter to provide some transparency on the series’ future. He responded to a Twitter user who asked that they hope the creative team supporting Moon Knight does a better job of integrating the character’s Jewish heritage in a possible season 2. Regarding this the director clarified there haven’t been any talks about the character’s future, suggesting that season 2 is not in the works and proving us wrong.

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His answer to this question is interesting, as it goes back to his and the actor’s previous season 2 filming rumor. But with the director replying differently now, it indicates that there are currently no plans for the future of the series. However, it can also imply that the creative team just hasn’t gotten to work yet.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Update Dragged Into Question Again

Oscar Isaac confirms there are no official plans for Season 2
Oscar Isaac confirms there are no official plans for Season 2

We know that season 1 ended up with a cliffhanger and after its huge success it’s not wrong to predict the character’s return in the MCU, at least to some extent. However, even without a possible season 2, there are many other ways Oscar Isaac could make his way in future MCU projects.

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The franchise has already made ways towards boosting examples in terms of gender, race, sexuality, and proficiency in recent years, but somehow Jewish MCU characters have stayed largely to be unexplored. While this lack of articulation can’t be ignored for past characters, season 2 would be a great alternative to better represent and explore a Jewish character in the MCU.

Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+.