Did Marvel Give Blade Star Mahershala Ali Creative Authority to Rewrite Script After Original Script Left Him ‘Frustrated’?

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Marvel’s upcoming project, Blade, which was supposed to release in late 2023, is now being pushed back to 2024. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blade is now on hold following director Bassam Tariq’s exit from the project. The film was scheduled to begin filming in Atlanta in November and was apparently in pre-production.

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Even though the break is momentary, it might take the team a while to find a suitable replacement for the director and take care of other aspects. A reliable film source has confirmed that actor Mahershala Ali is still completely on board for the project, despite his alleged frustrations.

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Will Mahershala Ali Rewrite Blade Script?

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Bassam Tariq, former director of Blade

Since Marvel’s progression with Blade has been relatively slower, actor Mahershala Ali was reportedly frustrated with the way things were panning out. Director Bassam Tariq’s exit from the movie, just a few weeks before shooting was meant to start, could only have made the actor’s frustrations grow.

Naturally, fans were worried about some other actor replacing the two-time Academy Award winner, in case he decides to call it quits on the movie. However, all seems to be fine as Ali will be sticking around for the entirety of the project. Reportedly, he will also play a significant role in the production of Blade, giving new shape to the movie’s story and direction.

It was also reported that Ali was not quite happy with how the movie was turning out, allegedly with a script of only 90 pages and “exactly two lackluster action sequences.” This led to the script being rewritten several times, adding to the production time. The script is now in the hands of X-Men ’97 and Moon Knight Screenwriter, Beau DeMayo. Ali is also said to be heavily involved in some of the rewritings.


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Mahershala Ali’s Excitement for Blade in the MCU

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Mahershala Ali

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The actor playing the vampire hunter has time and again shown just how passionate he is about the reboot making its way to the MCU, often teasing about how the powerful character will make its place in Marvel’s ever-expanding universe.


With Mahershala Ali taking time to help with the rewriting of the script himself, there is no doubt about his eagerness to see his character on the big screens of the MCU. Since, he is so invested in what Blade could mean for the cinematic universe’s future, his frustration with the production is justified, to say the least.

Hopefully, Mahershala Ali and the rest of the team can have a smooth collaboration while looking for a well-suited director as the fans are extremely eager to see vampires on the screens of MCU.

Blade is rumored to release in theatres on September 2024.


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