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Did the Release Date For the Silent Hill 2 Remake Just Leak?

Silent Hill 2 Remake release date leaked by a PC Benchmarking website, the 2024 date gets deleted from the website shortly after fans notice.

Did the Release Date For the Silent Hill 2 Remake Just Leak?


  • Silent Hill 2 Remake gets a release date, from an unlikely source, before Konami announces it officially.
  • Leaked info comes from a PC Benchmark website, which was quickly updated but not before fans noticed.
  • Konami's announcement seems imminent after pre-order goes Live and now the release date gets leaked.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is one of the most awaited horror games, and with the game expected early next year, pre-orders have recently gone live on Amazon and GameSpot. Even with the pre-orders going live, no official release date has been announced by Konami or Bloober Team until now. However, an unofficial and quite unlikely source may have leaked the release date already for the upcoming horror title.

A benchmark website for PCs has listed a page dedicated to the Silent Hill 2 Remake‘s system requirements. Along with listing out the required specs, however, there was a column mentioning the official release date for the game, which has since been updated.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Expected To Be Released Later This Month

After pre-orders go live on Amazon, Silent Hill 2 Remake's release date is also seemingly leaked.
After pre-orders go live on Amazon, Silent Hill 2 Remake‘s release date is also seemingly leaked.

Pre-orders for Silent Hill 2 Remake recently went live on Gamespot and Amazon which also revealed some of the features coming to the game. Now, a PC Benchmark website, PC Game Benchmark, seems to have accidentally revealed the official release date of the title, mentioning the 21st of March next year as the release date.

The page has since been updated to replace the date with the original game’s release date, but not before a handful of fans took note of the slip-up. A screengrab of the accidental leak was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by popular YouTuber Sano, who covers news and leaks on video games. The date should still be taken with a pinch of salt, as it seems perfectly placed but also sounds too good to be true.

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No other source has been found referring to the leaked release date either, but there’s a high possibility that Konami is working towards releasing an official trailer that reveals the release date officially. With the game expected only next year, there might not

Considered one of the best horror games back when it was released, Konami announced the remake back in October last year. Konami announced by also revealing that they will work with developers Bloober Team, on a “ground-up remake” of the classic horror game.

After more than a year since the announcement, fans were getting impatient to hear more about the release date and were left frustrated through Halloween this year not to have heard any more rumors or official news from either Konami or Bloober Team.


Coming to the system requirements listed on the website, the game requires a minimum of 12 GB of RAM, while 16 GB of RAM is recommended. While the minimum requirement states either an NVIDIA 1080 or a Radeon RX 5700 XT, the recommended specs require either an NVIDIA 2080 or a Radeo 6800 XT. The game is also said to require at least 50 GB of storage space.

The Infamous Pyramid Head Might Be a Playable Character, With A Backstory

Apart from Silent Hill 2 Remake's release date, there are rumors about the infamous Pyramid Head too.
Apart from Silent Hill 2 Remake‘s release date, there are rumors about the infamous Pyramid Head too.

A screengrab of a Best Buy listing for Silent Hill 2 Remake has revealed that the infamous Pyramid Head from the original game will have a new back story as well as the character being playable. While the listing has also since been deleted, the screengrab posted on X says the following:
Fan favorite character, Pyramid Head will return in the remake with an origin story.

Along with the details, it was also revealed that Pyramid Head will also be a playable character. While the listing has also since been deleted, the screengrab posted on X says the following:
Fan favorite character, Pyramid Head, makes a return along with a special origin story for fans to play through.

After the disastrous reception of Silent Hill: Ascension, Konami will be hoping for a better reception of Silent Hill 2 Remake. The upcoming remake is highly anticipated and Konami will be hopeful the game will help fans forget Silent Hill: Ascension. Konami may not have released an official update about the upcoming remake yet, but Steam, the digital video game distributor, has updated the game’s landing page to reveal 12 achievements.

An Amazon listing of the game has also revealed some more details, stating the game will make full use of PlayStation 5’s haptic feedback and 3D audio to provide gamers with an immersive experience. As fans await the remake that is rebuilt from the ground up to match modern titles, there are lots of expectations riding on the upcoming remake.

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