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‘Didn’t have to think about violence, sexual situations’: Former Hallmark CEO Bill Abbott Subtly Trolls New Age Shows, Says Hallmark Movies Are About ‘Faith, Family, and Country’

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Hallmark movies have been known for creating a family-friendly environment for their audiences and channels ever since their inception. The former CEO of Hallmark Bill Abbott made statements meant for the current movies that feature violence and sexual situations while praising Hallmark for its integrity and its commitment to making family-friendly content that the workers can go home and relax to.

Bill Abbott is the CEO of GAC Media.
Bill Abbott is the CEO of GAC Media.

Bill Abbott Subtly Digs At Current Films Featuring Tension

Bill Abbott is the ex-CEO of Hallmark movies that are known for creating movies with family-friendly ratings along with a story about family, love, and life. Although he left Hallmark movies for joining the Great American Media (GAC Media), his shared statements state that he is indeed proud of working with Hallmark.

Bill Abbott worked extensively with Hallmark.
Bill Abbott worked extensively with Hallmark.

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The 60-year-old American stated that he is proud of having created relaxing content that the employees can go home and relax to without the tense situations of sexual activity and/or violence interrupting.

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The statements subtly took a dig at the current movies that heavily and often focus on tense situations of violence or sexual activities.

“I got so many letters at Hallmark about people who would say they’d get home from work and they’d have a difficult day and they’d be able to turn on our channel and just have two hours where they didn’t have to think about dark situations, violence, sexual situations, things that just…create anxiety,” 

Bill Abbott had been the CEO of Crown Media from 2009 till 2021 during which, he set the expectations for the Hallmark channel quite high. Featuring Christmas-related movies and shows, the channel has been one of the most popular channels to date which was made possible by Bill Abbott.

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Hallmark Had To Move Ahead With Times Said Bill Abbott

Bill Abbott has made GAC Media a recognizable name.
Bill Abbott has made GAC Media a recognizable name.

It was in the year 2020 when Hallmark announced that they would be making movies that shift the focus from family-friendly to the type of content that included “diversity and inclusion”. The decision made Bill Abbott leave the company and join rival GAC Media which he states is “purely for business reasons”.

Ever since his exeunt and joining of GAC Media, Bill Abbott has created an environment at GAC Media much similar to the one he had in Hallmark. GAC Media is now creating the family-friendly content that Hallmark was known for as an all-out civil war broke in the world of entertainment.

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