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‘Made Superman look like a generic a** TikTok F**kboy’: Fans Blast DC’s New Bisexual Superman Jon Kent, Say He’s Too ‘Baby-Faced’ To Replace Clark Kent – The ‘Real’ Man of Steel

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The world is slowly progressing toward social equality for all in almost every sphere of life today, so why not do the same things when writing up new characters in popular entertainment? Superman’s son, Jon Kent, is one of the newest DC Comics characters who has been revealed to be a part of the LGBTQ community.

Also the son of Lois Lane, the character first appeared in Convergence: Superman #2 released in 2015. The LGBT community has been very welcoming of one of DC’s most high-profile LGBT characters, but their applause has also been met by a lot of negative reception from a huge section of DC Comics fans.

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Jon Kent in the comics

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Fans Say Jon Kent Isn’t As Manly As His Father’s Version Of Superman

Jonathan Samuel Kent, the firstborn son of the world’s most famous superhero Superman, came out of the closet in the November 9 issue of Superman: Son of Kal-El #5 in 2021, when he ends up starting a romantic relationship with reporter Jay Nakamura.

The two share a passionate kiss in a panel of the issue which sparked some quick reactions from the comic book community, and the internet in general.

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Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura

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Why is this a big thing? Well, first of all, giving the character with “Man of Steel” stuck onto his name through heritage makes Jon Kent one of the most high-profile LGBT characters for DC Comics.

But fans aren’t too fond of the new Superman taking a liking to boys at all. Fans don’t approve of how Kent looks either, as Twitter goes ham and roasts him on a spit-

That’s quite the insult-

The mullet was cool! –

An unnecessary attack at his sexuality-

This user clearly doesn’t like the fact that Kent is gay-

Fans who are critical of how babyfaced the new Superman looks, we get what you mean. But for fans who are just sliding in their dislike of his sexuality, it’s 2022.

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Meanwhile, The Live Action Jon Kent Will Be Played By A New Actor

While the changes to the man donning the Man of Steel persona aren’t being received very well by DC Comics fans, the live-action Jon Kent is getting a replacement.

Jordan Elsass’ time as Jonathan Kent, as reported by Deadline, is over. CW has already hired a replacement for Elsass and it’s going to be Michael Bishop.

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Jordan Elsass in Superman & Lois

Michael Bishop, who recently made his American movie debut with Spin will be playing Kent for the third season of Superman & Lois. Elsass played the role of Clark Kent’s son for two seasons and was expected to make a return for a reprisal of his role, but he had to leave due to “personal reasons” as announced by Warner Bros. Television.

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Elsass did later come out in a video message directed towards his fanbase, in which he explained that his decision to leave comes from him shifting his attention towards focusing on his mental health. We hope he recovers soon!

Superman & Lois is available for streaming on The CW.

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