Dior’s Unwavering Loyalty Towards Johnny Depp During Crisis Rewards Herculean Profits in Returns

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We all know that the wild defamation trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard is near a conclusion and following the case, his career and public image have taken quite a crash in recent years.

Dior Sauvage, Johnny Depp
Dior Sauvage, Johnny Depp

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However, many crazy fans have been crowding outside the courts to show their love and support, and not every brand has given up on this actor! Even though brands and production companies have dropped him from many projects, including film franchises like Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean, there are still some companies who aren’t stepping back from him.


Dior Stayed With Johnny Depp When Others Knocked Him Down

Dior keeping up with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor
Dior keeping up with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor

All the love goes to Dior, who supported him this entire time. Everything from the first look of it is classic, Johnny Depp’s “Sauvage” fragrance is doing incredibly well. It’s already making sales of millions of dollars worth of fragrances every day you can say.

John Pompliano shared a tweet showing how whopping this collaboration still is.


John Pompliano confirmed in the tweet that one bottle of Sauvage gets purchased every three seconds! totaling over $4.5 million in sales per day. Yes, you read that right, per day!

Marie Claire also shared that, not only is this the case, but it also made Sauvage the best-selling fragrance of 2021, among fragrances for both genders. The fact that Depp is still the face of the Dior makes it even more surprising! Let’s recall it Back, In 2020, Depp lost a libel case against The Sun after they tagged him a “wife-beater”. This was the reason why the brands and companies dropped him. But Dior, which showed Johnny Depp as the face of Sauvage back in 2015, didn’t follow the trail. However the company received plenty of objections about advertisements using Depp, Dior didn’t turn back and kept Depp on. Well, to be honest, It was a pretty bold and controversial decision. In an interview with The Guardian, PR agent Mike Bokowski stated:

“I think it would be sensible for Dior to sever links with Depp. Anything can be stopped by pressing a button if they really wanted to.”

“A brand like Dior is not just looking at this territory,” he said. “The attitude in the U.K. will be very different to the one in eastern Europe, for example.”

Johnny Depp remain as the face of Sauvage
Johnny Depp remains the face of Sauvage

Whether it’s considerable or not, you still can’t deny that Dior keeping Depp as the face of Sauvage. This move is still mind-blowing!


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